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Link Poll on Blog ValueA week or so ago, I wrote a piece named Are Links From Blogs As Valuable These Days? In short, some SEOs are now against buying or obtaining links from most blogs. They feel that Google may be devaluing the once golden, blog link (yes, I am generalizing). So I decided to run a poll to see how our readers perceive links from blogs.

The results are in and we have 141 responses from SEOs and webmasters. 90 or 64% of the respondents said they like links from blogs. 41 or 29% of the respondents said they do not like links from blogs. While the remainder, 10 people or 7% of the respondents said it depends on the blog.

Here is the break down: :: Yes said 90 respondents or 64% :: No said 41 respondents or 29% :: Depends said 10 respondents or 7%

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Linda Bustos

08/07/2008 11:21 pm

I missed the voting round, but here are my 2 cents: I'd say yes and no. Yes, I like contextual links from within posts. No, I don't like sidebar, blogroll and footer links. I think those are perceived by search engines as less valuable - easy to buy, easy to swap, not necessarily relevant.

No Name

08/10/2008 12:11 am

I agree with Linda, I prefer having a link on the post rather than a site wide link on the side bars..But I still think a link is a link as long as its on a similar site.

Michiel Van Kets

01/23/2009 09:59 am

I'm a bit confused ... are we talking about getting links are obtaining them, as in; do seo'rs like to spend their time chasing blog-links ... or are we talking about getting blog-links naturally? anyway, I still believe it's the mix that does, you need all kind of links ...

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