Google AdWords Keyword Tool Suffers Temporary Outage

Aug 6, 2008 • 8:11 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

About a month ago, Google's external keyword tool began to show search volume numbers. Last night, there were reports via WebmasterWorld that the tool stopped showing these estimated search volume numbers, all together.

The reports were sending back error messages that read, "Insufficient Data." This happened for any and all keywords searches between the times of about 5pm (EST) and 10pm (EST) last night, August 5th.

I personally tested the tool this morning and most popular keyword phrases are showing search volume data. I suspect it might have something to do with the launch of Google Insights for Search, which Tamar will have a post on later and which I wrote about at Search Engine Land just about 8 hours ago.

All seems to be good now with the Google Keyword Tool.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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08/06/2008 01:14 pm

I just went to the Google Keyword tool at 9:00 am eastern. It is showing everything as insufficient data currently. Let's hope it goes back up.

No Name

08/06/2008 01:27 pm

ATL, no results


08/06/2008 02:30 pm

I first noticed this Monday August 4...seems to be intermittent.


08/06/2008 03:08 pm

We noticed the insufficient data message for a couple of days now and it still seems to be that way as of today, 8/6.


08/06/2008 03:50 pm

I'm seeing the data fine on one computer but not on another. Do you think this could be IP specific to where Google is preventing the same IP from doing all these requests? like it's trying to prevent other "automated" tools from accessing their data for profit?

Dale DeHart

08/06/2008 05:14 pm

It seems reasonable to me that a client would want to know if changes in traffic volume are related to changes in demand or changes in market share. So providing a ranking report does provide customer value IMO.

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