Google Analytics Has Several Bugs You Should Know About


I am a huge fan of Google Analytics, but even so, you should be aware of several bugs that have been confirmed by Google.

(1) A Google Groups thread confirms that some users are unable to login to Google Analytics, due to a "Redirect Loop." The error message continues to say, "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete...".

There errors began to be reported on July 7th. Last night, a Google representative replied saying:

Thanks for your patience while our technical team works to resolve this issue. They are aware of the redirect error that occurs with some users when they try to log in to their Analytics account. While we work towards a long term solution, please visit the following URL and create a new account using the same login email:

Google Analytics False Tracking Not Installed(2) Google Analytics has been reporting to some users that their tracking code is not installed. But the reality of it is, the tracking code for those sites are installed properly and Google Analytics is actually tracking data and reporting on that data. So the message is incorrect and the tracking code for some of these sites are indeed installed correctly. I actually have this on one client's site, and I can personally confirm it.

A Google representative confirmed the issue in a Google Groups thread:

As some of you have mentioned, there is currently a technical issue with the tracking code status indicator. Even after you install the Analytics tracking code on your site and receive data, you may see a "Tracking Not Installed" error next to the profile in question. If you see data in your reports, you may disregard this error while our technical team investigates.

(3) Google Analytics is duplicating the cities information in the Map Overlay reports for some users. A Google Groups thread has a picture of what this may look like for you:

Google Analytics Duplicate Cities

A Google representative confirmed the issue:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Our technical team is aware of this issue, where duplicate entries for a city can appear in the Map Overlay report. For now we have enough information to investigate. In the meantime, thanks for being patient!

There are three bugs that have been recently confirmed by Google Analytics that you should be aware of.

Forum discussion at Google Groups (1), Google Groups (2) and Google Groups (3).

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Jaan Kanellis

08/01/2008 01:47 pm

Barry any idea why when I look in site search it seems that the keywords are not accurate? Are you seeing accurate site search keywords?

Barry Schwartz

08/01/2008 01:48 pm

Those never looked accurate to me.

No Name

08/01/2008 01:55 pm

I don't know if this has gone public but GA has a serious flaw with blocking traffic sources via it's filtering system. Basically it doesn't. I have tried this on multiple accounts and as much as I try the domain reappear. I have some saved email conversations with them regarding this. I am afraid that the product is becoming less reliable.


08/01/2008 03:28 pm

Make sure the Website URL in the Analytics Settings of your client's account includes http:// in front of the domain name. If http:// is missing, the tracking code will not be detected.


08/02/2008 09:56 am

Am seeing Google Analytics showing lot of clicks from organic traffic. There are about 100 keywords that contributed to the traffic. Surprising part is 95 of these do not rank on 100 results. While I bid on more than 10,000 keywords from PPC, I have no clue if the 100 keywords that Google says it sent organic traffic from is real. Anyone facing a similar problem?


08/04/2008 08:20 am

I am seeing the same problem.although I have installed the code correctly on a client's site analytics says that the code is not being detected.One of their representatives also confirmed that the code is not installed on the pages properly when I definitely know it is. Also it is not reporting any e-commerce data on another site but showing every other information.


08/04/2008 11:04 am

Hi guys been using analytics now for some 4 months, found it to be reliable and fairly accurate in the keywords department. IM sure with so many people using itb now there bound to be a few gliches. All the best Mick


08/04/2008 03:24 pm

We're running into the same redirect problem with MSN's Live Product Upload. We keep getting emails saying they are escalating the problem but it's been months since we're been able to log in.

No Name

08/04/2008 06:37 pm

Ours is working without a problem.

Justin Seibert

08/04/2008 07:14 pm

We've had these problems as well. No resolution as of yet, although they're saying issue #2 is not affecting any results. I have a hard time disregarding it and just assuming that nothing's wrong.

No Name

08/04/2008 07:38 pm

I was picturing like Scabies or something when you said bugs. I got all worried.


08/07/2008 08:31 am

Cheers Robzilla, making sure the website URL used http:// in the Analytics Settings fixed the 'not installed' bug


09/05/2008 05:23 pm

I have been using GA since quite a much time. I have observed a funny bug. It indicates 379 visits from the country Pakistan and when I look into the cities, none of them is from Pakistan !!!


09/16/2008 07:28 am

... initially I had the same error. Tracking not installed. The code showed some new tracking ID suddenly. By chance I found out, that 2 analytics acounts with the same name were listed in the right upper dropdown list. one of it working fine, the other not. I don't know how the second one was created, nor how to delete it.


09/30/2008 02:28 pm

I am new to GA but have found some weird things going on, Cities which originally showed as having hits have dropped off the map, and my hits have gone down instead of up... my URL hosting stats account is showing totally different info and stats weird... although I love the idea of GA I'm not really sure that I can trust the info I see anymore


03/17/2010 03:48 pm

Would you mind also checking into the following bug? Analytics has ceased collected data on my site (and on many others, which you will find upon conducting a search). Everything appears to be working normally, but no data is collected and nothing between these separate sites indicates what common action/event would have caused the malfunction.

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