Google Forgets to Renew Gmail's SMTP SSL Certificate

Jul 29, 2008 • 1:14 pm | comments (9) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Google's SMTP server,, has just expired a couple minutes ago. Here is the SSL certificate expiration notice:

Google's Send Mail Server Security Certificate Expires

It appears Google has forgotten to renew the certificate, even thought a Google Groups post had a warning to Google that it would be expiring today:

Is Google planning on updating the certificate for port 465? I noticed that it's expiring today which could cause a lot of issues with email clients sending email today and tomorrow.

This is not the first time Google forgot to renew their certificates. They forgot to renew the AdWords conversion tracking certificate in the past as well.

Stuff like this happens. Google seems to be secure but they just forgot to renew the certificate.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

Update: A Google spokesperson told us:

For a short time this morning, some Gmail users sending mail via POP and IMAP saw a notification on their mail clients that the SMTP certificate had expired. We identified the problem and fixed it promptly. We know how important Gmail is for our users, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Marc Beharry

07/29/2008 05:23 pm

what a blunder. they cant be that stupid. but it supports my usage of the nickname: "Google W. Bush"


07/29/2008 06:13 pm sure did. I just got the error myself. Depending on the client you use, it may still let you send and recieve though. I use Thunderbird, and it seems to be working fine, as soon as I ignore the error.

Greg Mayer

07/29/2008 06:32 pm

This is ridiculous that a company like Google has allowed this to expire. They seem to be dismissive about these types of issues and hide behind the "Beta" designation of their software. If they want to be world-class SAAS provider, they can't have these things happen. I continuously have issues with Outlook "timing" out on the IMAP connection to Google Apps mail, or not being able to access my web-based email because of a "temporary error". I've had calendar and chat issues as well. For an organization that prides itself on talent, Google certainly isn't showcasing it on the customer facing applications.


07/29/2008 07:00 pm

Ho hum... Can we all cip in a couple of quid to buy them a license? This is not funny.

Anon Y Mous

07/29/2008 07:41 pm

Hell, I've hit Microsoft sites with expired certificates... big f'n deal... sh*t happens.


07/29/2008 08:46 pm

I wrote up a quick guide on how to fix this for Mac folks using Apple's You can find it here: Hope it's helpful!

Matt Shadbolt

07/29/2008 11:28 pm


05/03/2011 04:54 pm

it has now been a month and the notice of the server security could not be verified continues to flash up and we get no emails through Incredimail. Any ideas


04/27/2013 03:29 pm

They have done it again!!! It expired again in 2013

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