Hush Those Complaint Sites in Google Search

Jul 25, 2008 • 9:36 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under Other Search Topics

As many people will attest to, it can be a reputation management nightmare when you are trying to push down negative press and remove the websites that speak badly of your company and your brand. But why are these sites incredibly popular? In a nutshell, they give people a voice when they previously had none. The thought process (sometimes) is that the companies will help the consumer to save face (and hopefully the negative press will be pushed down).

There are other ways to address the problem, though. Loren Baker writes about how to combat the reputation management problem and suggests that other channels are utilized, including blogs, media channels (.tv subdomain to share videos), get positive press coverage from other bloggers, brand social media profiles, get hosted/cobranded subdomains, and utilize video/YouTube for more "universal" search results.

Still, the fact that these sites exist create a huge problem for forum members who participate in the conversation on Sphinn. Instead of calling it a reputation management fiasco, they call it "defamation." But IncrediBILL says that you need to think about what you're doing at all times to avoid the Internet being used as a channel for negative press.

HINT: Don't do anything to generate a complaint in the first place and you won't have to combat those sites.

What about real defamation that can be generated by the competition? That's where the courts should come in.

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07/25/2008 02:18 pm

It's more than thinking about what you're doing. I've had people write stuff about me and claim to be a customer but I've never heard of them nor have I been contacted by them. I also did a website for a lady and she lost the password and login for her domain name. I did everything I could to help her but she wanted to do nothing too help herself. My hands were tied and after several phone calls decided to refund her money even though I had done my part of the job. She decided to write stuff about me because she felt I cost her money. And another because their hosting company went off line and they felt it was my fault. It does not seem to matter how good you try to make your customer service, you are going to have problems.


08/01/2008 01:29 pm

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