Sadness In The Search Industry : Respect Each Other

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I honestly hate to write about this and I will not be talking in any specifics. But in the past week or two there has been a lot of sadness around the industry, the search industry of course. No, this does not relate to Microsoft or Yahoo. No, this does not relate to possibly giving up on search. This relates to the SEM/SEM community.

I will link you over to three Sphinn threads, all with opinions and comments that might make an outsider go - wow, this is sad. In all the years that I have covered this industry, and I have been doing this a really really long time, I have never really seen it at this level. It is like three or four different events and actions have overlapped at the same time to cause an incredible about of hurt throughout the industry.

If you are unaware of anything that is going on, then that is good and I suggest you do not get involved. As a matter of covering this as at this particular site, I must. As promised in our mission, I must report on the "Pulse of the Search Marketing Community" and the pulse right now is in hyperdrive and much of it is over anger, fear, dislike, a ton of miscommunication and it all amounts to not having respect for each other.

Respect is a key element in my personal life. Before doing anything, anything at all - I try so hard to think and say, is this how I would like to be treated. Like I said in the Search Engine Roundtable's Code of Ethics back in 2005.

What it comes down to is a deep consideration of respect towards the industry and the people within the industry.

In any event, I can just hope this short post impacts those who read this and understand what is going on.

Here are the three threads at Sphinn. Each thread links to a blog post, each blog post has comments and there are also comments at the Sphinn threads. Again, if you think nothing is going on, then I honestly would not read them - because they place a sad light over our industry and industry that has been struggling externally with respect issues and now has major respect issues internally - more than ever before.

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David Wallace

07/22/2008 01:24 pm

I had heard something about this (Edward's actions) but honestly have been waaay to busy to get involved. Now glimpsing over Edward's "research" I'm glad I didn't.

Barry Schwartz

07/22/2008 01:27 pm

David, this is honestly not about any one person.

Bill Hartzer

07/23/2008 09:25 pm

Can't we all just get along?

John H. Gohde

07/23/2008 11:12 pm

It comes with the territory. For me, things are improving. You just were not aware of all the infighting going on.

Anthnoy a.k.a. OldSchoolSEO

07/25/2008 03:38 pm

I am with David on this one. I have heard bits and pieces, but I just wonder where all of these allegedly working SEO's get all this free time to banter back and forth.

Igor The Troll

07/26/2008 06:39 pm

Barry I could have told you this about a year ago, but you would have called me a "Troll" Welcome to Web 2.0 Social Media obliteration! Flame, Flame, and more Flame!

Mike Dammann

07/26/2008 09:41 pm

What has changed in SEO is the fact that compared to when we all started out, it has become far more important now to have connections. When you have connections, you get things done ... period! You can be a great programmer or search copy writer, but if you are too many degrees seperated from the main players, you may get lost. With this need to network and have support, of course things get worse between the cliques. I may argue that this is exactly what the search engines had in mind when they encouraged their employees to befriend some search engine marketers. You are all idiots. Shut up and move on! ;)

John H. Gohde

07/27/2008 03:51 pm

It has been nasty for a long. It just now being openly talked about.

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