Google Maps Now Has Walking Directions

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A Google Groups thread lead me to believe that Google Maps will soon be offering walking directions to everyone, in the near future. So, I decided to check the example I was watching, i.e. 200 Madison Ave to 200 Lexington Ave in New York and I see walking directions!

I lead off this post that this was coming soon, but it is now here, at least for me.

Yes, I covered signs of this at Search Engine Land, where Google Operating System had screen captures of Google testing out walking directions within Google Maps. Again, now I personally see it, do you?

Here is a screen shot of the NY example I mentioned above:


For a full size screen shot, check the image on Flickr.

So, when Maps Guide Brian from Google said in the Google Groups thread "stay tuned here for updates," in regards to the release of walking directions, then I guess he means now?

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

Update: Everyone I asked to try my example above was able to see walking directions. I have several responses already at my Plurk request, so it seems like this is indeed live.

Update 2 (at 1:45pm): The Google LatLong Blog has now officially made it official with one of their own blog posts announcing the new feature.

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Chris Bartow

07/22/2008 12:10 pm

It's also live for me. I'm wondering what the difference in directions are. I guess in bigger cities there are a lot of one way streets that you can walk backwards on. It also seems to avoid bigger roads (highways).


07/22/2008 02:14 pm

Now they need directions that let cab drivers maximize their fares by using the longest way to any destination. [;-)]


07/22/2008 02:27 pm

Nope, not seeing it for the UK as yet. I'm glad they're finally including it though, I walk everywhere.


07/22/2008 09:02 pm

The maps work for me too but I did notice that I didn't get the most direct route from the two points I entered ... but I did get the route that had fewer hills to walk up and down.

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