Search Engine Optimization: You Don't Know it All

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I've personally found a number of people who consider that because SEO seems like "optimizing title tags, doing keyword research, and adding a little extra to a website," they can be search engine optimizers too. In the past few weeks, I stumbled across two very problematic websites from so-called "SEOs" who offer nothing but spammy services.

The problem is that they think they're 100% right. And that's a discussion that High Rankings Forums members are talking about right now.

There are so many clueless individuals in this industry. But they're likely not even reading this post or so many other posts like this that are aimed to educate. In the meantime, the issue on High Rankings Forums is that a particular SEO (who doesn't code) gave a developer a specific set of guidelines to build up a website for a client. Only after the website was live did the member realize that the developer stuffed rows of hidden keywords on the bottom of the page. When the forum member approached the developer, he got flustered and said that the page would be doomed without it.

The "know it all" approach is the kind of attitude our industry could do without. Unfortunately, it's very widespread. Further, unfortunately, it's also something that many innocent clients are easily conned with (and it gives the whole term "search engine optimization" that "snake oil" distinction).

Does that mean you shouldn't ever show your ego when you work with your clients? According to forum member qwerty, you do need it -- to educate the client, especially if the client doesn't possess the common sense and can't figure it out

But is this really different from any other industry? You can step into your local electronics store and some salesperson can tell you that your decision to buy that phone is a bad one, because "this one is just so much better." These things happen. It's not specific to our industry.

Forum discussion continues at High Rankings Forum.

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07/17/2008 02:16 pm

One thing is specific to the Internet: it's so new, and changes so fast (I mean google has been on top for how many years?), that lay folk can hardly be blamed for not being able to catch up.


07/17/2008 04:13 pm

meow,, lol.. So many small web companies have £250 setup and £30 per month monitoring ? monitor what ? lol.. Also seen a job for a seo locially with no mention of php so whats the point LOL .. hehehe

hendra leonar

07/18/2008 08:45 am

yes I still don't understand the different between Sales Engine Optimatization and Serach Engine Optimization yet ... :)

Bob L.

07/18/2008 04:02 pm

I think that you are touching on a topic that a lot of us in the business want to talk about, but we could get so deep with the frustration that it would waste an hour to write a thorough post. The one stop shop is all too common. If you live in a small town, there is a LOT of that. The clients often know so little that the real job is lost on them. If you don't know the questions to ask... Bob L.

Douglas K

07/18/2008 08:46 pm

I cannot agree with you more. There are definitely some SEOs who I have worked with that seem to understand that as the web and search engines change, the more they know, the more they need to learn. And then on the other side of the coin there are those which you described as arrogant and all knowing. Now if only we could all learn a little bit more about Sales Engine Optimatization, we'd all be in a better place. :)

Joel Miller

07/19/2008 07:54 pm

Learning SEO is a constant process. The rules change, the search environment changes when new players come to the field and human search behavior is evolving. New phenomenon like social networking, YouTube, etc. keep popping onto the scene. If you want to help clients with SEO, you have to go with the flow.


07/22/2008 11:58 am

I’m old enough to remember fax paper sales people and photocopier sales technique , some of these so called search engine companies who offer every single one of their clients top ranking , how ... it’s like music agent tell each one of their act that their record will be number one every week .... it just can’t be done , only way good content, good web site and pr

No Name

08/06/2008 06:19 am

I've come across tons of SEO websites claiming that they offer 'Guaranteed Page One Rankings', that too within a short frame of time.

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