Google Finally Removes Comic Sans Font From AdSense Ads

Jul 14, 2008 • 7:19 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

AdSense Comic Sans FontAfter Google began testing new AdSense fonts back in May of this year, including testing comic sans - Google has finally decided to drop it based on publisher complaints.

AdSenseAdvisor at WebmasterWorld said:

Based on publisher feedback, we have removed Comic Sans from the current ad format experiment. Thanks again for your continued feedback and suggestions. We welcome any further feedback that you might have and assure you that it'll be passed onto the relevant team.

I am not sure if they should have removed it completely. It would have been nice to have it as an option and give publishers the ability to pick and choose which font types they would like to opt in on. Why are you able to pick your sizes, backgrounds, corner styles but not your font type?

In any event, Google removed Comic Sans completely from the font selection for AdSense.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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07/14/2008 12:57 pm

Was this font proven to reduce ctr's? My favorite font is the one that converts the best.


07/14/2008 02:32 pm

I'm so happy!! Thank god.. I hated it .. Made sites look S**T.. I'd rather have less $ in the sort term vs putting off return visitors with that font.


07/15/2008 03:06 am

what about the alignment of the text too?


07/16/2008 01:06 am

This is really a good news as this font was really ugly IMO. At least we must admit Google tests many variations to increase its business & ours. Arthur.


04/08/2009 08:19 pm

Does this affect Dotless in any way? They claim to get leads from Google.

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