Google's Keyword Tool Now Showing Search Volume Numbers

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Google has added a new feature to the external keyword tool, they have added approximate search volume numbers. For example, I conducted a search for SEO and the results returned showed columns for "Approx Search Volume: June" and "Approx Avg Search Volume." Here is a screen capture:

keyword google volume

By definition, the "Previous Month's Search Volume" column "shows the previous month's search volume on Google for each keyword, specific to your targeted country and language. The shaded bar represents a general low-to-high quantitative guide to help you determine how competitive ad placement is for a particular keyword." The "Avg. Search Volume" column "shows the average monthly search volume on Google for each keyword over a recent 12-month period, specific to your targeted country and language. The shaded bar represents a general low-to-high quantitative guide to help you determine how competitive ad placement is for a particular keyword."

There is a Google help page on these numbers that adds:

  • Search volume fluctuation: Web traffic is influenced by seasonality, current events, and a number of other factors. The level of search volume on your keywords, therefore, is constantly fluctuating.
  • Location and language targeting: If you access the Keyword Tool from within an ad group, the search traffic statistics will factor in your campaign's country and language targeting (if you target a region or city, only the country will be reflected). If you use the standalone or external Keyword Tools, your country and language selections will influence these statistics. Learn about the different variations of the Keyword Tool.
  • Match type: The Keyword Tool's statistics vary depending on your selection from the Match Type drop-down menu. If you select Broad or Phrase, the tool will factor in certain variations of your keywords that could potentially trigger your ads. Learn about keyword match types.

These figures come to no one's surprise because Google did release Google Trends with numbers and Google Ad Planner, which hides nothing.

I guess this is pretty good timing, being that Yahoo just killed the Overture keyword suggestion tool.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums and WebmasterWorld.

Update: Jeremy actually posted about this several hours ago.

Update 2: This is now official, the Inside AdWords blog has posted the official announcement.

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07/08/2008 04:43 pm

Missing the results here (Richmond, Virginia) as well. I switched the view to show all columns to no avail. Not a big deal to me, as I would bet that the numbers would likely be massaged as well. Maybe no more value than the current shaded bars. Although I sure would like to to see numbers as well.


07/08/2008 05:27 pm

I'm in India and can not see the numbers either *sob*. Can't wait for Google to raise the bar(s).


07/08/2008 07:13 pm

The numbers came up for me. But then switched back to the bars. I hope Google is not being selective. Tested on same keywords.

David Temple

07/09/2008 03:03 am

We see the numbers both in MCC and the external tool here in Singapore. Report from team in China says they also get numbers. Of course that might be the case everywhere now.


07/09/2008 07:05 am

Well, the numbers are up for myself in Indiana, but has anyone blogged about the numbers with dollar signs that you get when you copy and paste from the frame to a program like excel or notepad?


07/09/2008 08:08 am

I have just seen the numbers in the UK :)

James Ketchell

07/09/2008 08:17 am

The numbers are finally showing. Overnight Google issued a press release on the subject, so by the looks of things its going to a permanent change over.


07/09/2008 12:50 pm

Is "WooHoo!" an appropriate first response? The numbers look very approximate as loads of things have the same volumes, but it's a much better comparison between volumes that a vague bar!

Kris from Florida

07/09/2008 01:27 pm

I am very surprised by this . They have been very secretive about this type of data .


07/09/2008 03:32 pm

This is indeed surprising.


07/09/2008 03:34 pm

I am a daily user of AdWords and i am very surprised when i first saw it. I have to admit that Overture has always better charts and more detailed data to demonstrate the impacts of your keywords. Wish Google could come up with those functionalities. This is a beginning...


07/09/2008 04:43 pm

Google has just put the paid keyword tools out of business, just as they did with paid press, etc. Whats more interesting is that they said the term wedding dresses have 1 million searches last month, however our PPC data shows only 90,000.


07/11/2008 06:11 pm

I see it with all the figures, just like his screenshot. I'm on IE7 - in Florida.


07/11/2008 06:11 pm

I see it with all the figures, just like his screenshot. I'm on IE7 - in Florida. The figures seem very high. I don't think they are compensating for skew.


07/11/2008 06:14 pm

This won't put the paid tools out of business. These figures are very high. I don't think they compensate for skew. I have two words: Keyword Discovery

Jeffrey Tang

07/11/2008 11:07 pm

I've just tested it here from Malaysia, I can see the number, thumbs up to google :D


07/12/2008 11:03 am

Carolyn said - "This won't put the paid tools out of business. These figures are very high." I'm not so sure. According to Google these are the actual numbers. Remember, WT and KWD have never had access to Google data, whatever their clever wording said. d

No Name

07/14/2008 07:02 am

I love this new tool! I wonder how accurate it is as some of the numbers seem low, still very nice and very FREE! + Google!

Jack Carol

07/15/2008 03:12 am

I always use Google Keyword Tool and I'm glad Google now showing search volume in number.

Malcolm Coles

08/08/2008 03:24 pm

The approximate numbers are very strange - they seem designed to look accurate, but they are always things like 18,100 or 9,900 (but never 18,000 or 10,000). More examples on my blog:


09/16/2008 12:50 pm

Are the people commenting on high monthly search volumes compared to their paid search data using 'broad match' instead of 'exact match'?


10/05/2008 08:54 pm

I was in the impression that the figure was worldwide not just specific. Thanks for that, I know bettter now.

No Name

10/27/2008 10:22 pm

I always see that the numbers do not always jive. I look up exact phrases that I rank number 1 for and get low clicks but high searches, it just does not make since.


02/05/2009 09:41 pm

I don't think some of these numbers are correct. I have seen search volumes in cities for certain words that are much higher than what is current could they really be.


06/24/2009 04:32 am

Interesting tip noticed for exmple that singular wording do better. Resort for example hit 37 mil searches Resorts for example hit 20 mil searches Just a stupid question what would happen if I pasted all these new found keywords in all articles on my site... Would I get banned by Google??

Luxury Villas Zilic

01/30/2011 03:48 am

is there anywhere tool which saw not only the major keywords search and the most popular then also the not so popular keywords where is possible to check how of they have been search on SE by:


08/01/2012 12:25 pm

Your post is really going to help all the site owners to determine the search volume numbers. Google has helped all the time by introducing such useful webmaster's tools.

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