Risk-Free Link Building Techniques?

Jun 26, 2008 • 9:32 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

Let's face it. Link building is all the hype in the search sphere. Google loves good kosher links. People like good relevant links. Whether or not there's a debate about paid links or links to bad neighborhoods, links are simply awesome when applied right.

So what are the right ways to apply those links? A WebmasterWorld member wants to know.

There are a number of tactics that can be employed to build natural links (and perhaps a few unnatural ones). They are: press releases, social bookmarking, blog posts, article submissions, forum posting, getting relevant links from .edus and library websites, posting original research (as per Matt Cutts), and creating good content that people will naturally link to.

This is definitely some good advice for the link building newbie.

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Sammie Sort

06/27/2008 11:21 am

I think that it is time a new method to be descovered.

Michael Johnson

06/27/2008 04:59 pm

Try renting a big posters signature in one of the top forums. This can really get you some links and traffic from a forum without you having to do all the posting yourself. Never hurts to ask. They might be able to use $100 and get paid for all the work they did.

No Name

07/01/2008 05:57 pm

social bookmarking ? Del.icio.us --> Nofollow forum posting ? --> standard setting = Nofollow Need I to say more ? ..definitely good advice for link building newbies...

Chris Hornak

07/10/2008 04:12 pm

The key is to find forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites that have dofollow links. If you look around you can find them.


08/25/2008 09:29 am

@ Michael Johnson What a great idea, never thought of that before, they do all their usual posting and just offer them some money for posting a link in their signature. :D

Rob Abdul

02/15/2009 12:46 pm

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