Google Toolbar is Now Available for Firefox 3

Jun 17, 2008 • 9:15 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Today is the day that Firefox 3 is supposed to be unleashed to the wild. I don't see an official download link yet (according to Dave Woods, it won't happen until 6PM BST, which is 1PM EST), but if you're preparing to get it, note that the Google Toolbar is now available for Firefox 3.

A number of Firefox users were waiting to upgrade to version 3 based on the availability of Google Toolbar, and now that Firefox 3 is supposedly going to be released today, you should begin to make preparations. :)

Features available to the new version include custom buttons to your favorite websites, bookmarks that are accessible from any computer, direct access to Google Docs and Spreadsheets, the ability to "Send" your files to a friends or directly to your blog, and a quick way to log into your Google Account.

On that note, if you are planning on downloading Firefox today, they're aiming for a world record. Make a pledge that you'll download it now.

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06/17/2008 07:01 pm

I've almost learned to live without the toolbar up to now. in fact, I have my default search bar in firefox setup just the way i like, so i may ditch that part. But i still some of the other features, like the bookmark button and autofill, so I'm installing it, but don't know if I'll keep it.


06/18/2008 02:23 am

Google Toolbar for firefox 3 is still unavailable, that is Google Toolbar v3, not Google Toolbar for Firefox 3!


06/20/2008 01:21 am

I dont know what were you telling above there but Google toolbar from the link you have provided is not compatible with Firefox version 3.0

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