Many Webmasters Notice Major Traffic Loss From Google

Jun 11, 2008 • 8:18 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

A weekend WebmasterWorld thread is reporting dozens and dozens of webmasters noticing a major traffic drop due to Google. Some of these webmasters reported traffic declines in the 90% range.

Many of the issues seem to be that Google has dropped hundreds or thousands of pages from these webmaster's sites. But it isn't only large sites.

The five page WebmasterWorld thread has several theories on which sites this may impact. I won't list them all, but if you were impacted, you might want to check out the thread for similarities.

Again, this issue seem to have cropped up over the weekend and many webmasters seem to have been hit. This site did not notice a 90% reduction in traffic from Google, I have not looked at my other sites yet.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

Note: Just got back online after two days. I am a bit disoriented from the amount of information we missed. So I hope you cannot see that in our posts, but if you do, please be patient with us for the next few days.

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06/11/2008 02:35 pm

Another week like this, and I'am going to fire all my collaborators. I lost 90% of my visitors and much more 90% of my revenue (Zero ZERO Z E R O new transactions in last two days!) I hope Google know in that situation we are! WHAT A MESS John

Michael Martinez

06/11/2008 03:38 pm

I think it's about over. I started to see movement yesterday and I see more today. New sites are being indexed, page caches are being refreshed, and rankings are starting to return to about where I expect to see them. I noticed one person on WMW saw similar activity on Monday evening. It's like Google stopped the presses for a week and things are now returning to normal. Of course, I can't promise everyone will see improvement.


06/11/2008 03:48 pm

Hello Micheal. I don't see movements, but I hope that you have reason.

No Name

06/12/2008 11:07 am

Yes, even our website traffic gone down in search traffic by 10% when compared to last month result. -Pratheep


06/12/2008 06:25 pm

We've experienced the same reduction in traffic over the past few days. Not in the 90% range, but a pretty serious traffic reduction. Hope this turns around soon.

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