Google's Diego Velázquez Birthday Logo

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Yet another commemorative logo is up on the Google home page today. This one is to remember Diego Velázquez's birthday, which was on June 6, 1599. Velázquez was a Spanish painter who was the leading artist in the court of King Philip IV.

Here is the logo: Diego Velázquez Google Logo

Honestly, I don't personally see the search or 'tech' angle to showing a logo for a historic Spanish painter. But at the same time, I am not one to have "art appreciation."

Which leads me to my question. Is Google a bit too trigger happy on special logos?

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06/06/2008 08:03 pm

That was very obtuse...Noone said we were glorifying war just praising those who gave their lives. Please go away.

Diana Q

06/06/2008 08:03 pm

you know what i've been posting as my email address?,, and the comments still went through under my name.. liar.

Diana Q.

06/06/2008 08:09 pm

you're totally glorifying war.

Sara B.

06/06/2008 08:09 pm

I think that Google made a choice and it was the wrong choice. I can see them in their break-out room deciding between several candidates. In the typical fashion they wanted to make "different" choice (bless their hearts). Unfortunately they made the wrong choice. Art is far less important than a historical marker such as D-Day. Purhaps Diana is an artist? Diana probably thinks Maplethorp and his urine dipped cross is artwork as well. I can hear her saying, "art is in the eyes..."


06/06/2008 08:13 pm

Celebrating D-Day and the men who died there isnt just about AMERICA you freaking morons. I'm so sick of hearing you people complain about America. If D-Day hadnt happened those of you who are european would probably all be under nazi regime, and as for jews.. well we know what would have happened to them. The fact that they would celebrate some freaking artist instead of what happened on the coast of france (and france is not capitalized for a reason) is insulting and ridiculous. france- we have saved your hides many times, and you seem to have forgotten. If you are an American and don't agree, get out of my country. If you are not, don't let your governments accept our assistance anymore. We have improved this world more than any power in history. Anyone who does not see that obviously enjoys being part of the American bashing bandwagon, created by leftist morons. D-Day led to the WHOLE FREE WORLD's freedom, has nothing to do with America... although none of you would be anything without us.


06/06/2008 08:13 pm

Sara, Gross, I would have never said something so insipid. Diana is just ignorant to the fact she is programmed and a "tool." I was not picking a fight but if need be I would always choose to fight ignorance. What I would not do is walk around talking about desecrating a cross and calling it artwork!

Diana Q.

06/06/2008 08:17 pm

sara, i'm not an artist. & urine dipped crosses? probably some type of conceptual art but i don't care. I just don't get why a website that people all around the world use should put something that only americans and whoever else was involved in that war can enjoy


06/06/2008 08:20 pm

MarineVet, History is important but remember however ironic it may sound it is a fact that those poor Jews suffered after the Americans came. They were caged and not allowed to leave for weeks after being "liberated" by the Americans. War is never pretty; this fact is always left out. Not to detract but it should serve as a reminder war is a messy solution so people are scared of glorification. It is so sad they are so scared they don't realize that war is necessary because of forces out of control. When war is necessary it great to know that there are Men and Woman out there who are willing to lay down their lives to save others.

Diana Q.

06/06/2008 08:21 pm

you guys are a bunch of nationalists.

Diana Q.

06/06/2008 08:35 pm

i agree with you ben but the soldiers aren't the only victims, in fact they're not even the people who are most affected as a result of war. the people of the countries invaded those who died without even signing a contract. they're the victims. they are the ones we should really pray for and remember. i'm not saying soldiers shouldn't be prayed for or remembered. i'm just saying they're not the victims of war and they're not the ones who are most affected by it.


06/06/2008 08:41 pm

What is wrong with nationalism? It is called Pride in America. Why do you hate so much? Your really lost. If you need help finding your way maybe you should take the time to consider what your views are not those you were programmed to think. It is a sad state that there are so many of you who hate tradition and define Patriotic as Nationalistic. There is no reason to apologize for America so much and worry about the rest of the world. Our citizenry gives more to the world than any other country and yet people like you keep saying "we are so sorry." If you look at the help we get from other countrys and the mutual cooperation you will find it is definately there. America owes as it does give but I will not apologize for seeing the contrived reason for posting a non-traditional picture in the Google webpage--it is POINTED--no accident. It is a statement "Art is more important than heros." Start thinking young lady. It is a hard pill to swallow but you have been programmed to commercials and quick slogans like "change we can believe in." What a joke. You are being manipulated; I just hope you come back to reason someday. My last Good luck!


06/06/2008 08:46 pm

Benny my boy I could not say it much better. Lets remember not to forget and if you want to learn about art go for it. Just remember the Google homepage art was choosen for a reason. priority should always go to the most important holiday. Diego's birthday--IS THIS REALLY A CELEBRATED HOLIDAY ANYWHERE????

Diana Q.

06/06/2008 08:54 pm

who is saying art is more important? and who is apologizing? not me. i've never said i hate america. i love america. i hate people who are messing america up. what i'm saying comes from me not from a slogan i've never even heard that slogan!!! i'm sure it comes from obama or something but you know what??? he's probably going to be even worse if he even wins cause it's probably gonna be mccain since no white american is gonna vote for a black man (i know you'll all have something to say about this since americans are always pretending they tolerate everyone). there is no solution to what is going on in america right now. this country is deteriorating. change or no change this country is filled with nationalists and traditionalists who don't even want to listen to opposing opinions. what is the point of freedom of speech is no opposing view is even taken into consideration?


06/06/2008 08:59 pm

I love it! It's so creative, and I love when Google has specialized logos because it makes the day interesting!


06/06/2008 09:01 pm

what about d-day? oh well- today is a lot of people's birthday, including my brother- on the morning news, it was also the anchor's birthday and that woman on the Today Show! popular day to be born!


06/06/2008 09:16 pm

If I get the message correct from Diane it seems she is saying it is not about decernment it is about opinion? I don't think that is right. As you examine the reason for substitution (which is what Google did)they took a stand and went with art. Upon examination it is most probable that Google gave D-Day the boot. Who says anything about opinion; it is about objectively stating Google screwed up. They could have picked any other day--just not D-Day. My great uncle died in that war! Screw Google!


06/06/2008 09:28 pm



06/06/2008 10:43 pm

Wow. All of this over a logo design? Guess there are a lot of sensative people out there, huh? I think the logo is a nice piece and has given me a look into a bit of history that I didn't know about. As to the remarks about the so called "programming" of the young lady speaking her mind, I feel a sense of chivelrous duty to come to lend my two cents on her behalf and on behalf of anyone strong enough to express themselves so thoughtfully. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a sense of what is right and what is wrong. We gain these ideas through life experience, which is different for everyone which also means we are all "programmed" to some degree, and so our opinions and ideas tend to differ. It's called perspective. I respect and even mostly agree with the perspective of Diana. Not completely, but mostly. As for Ben and Steve, well I respect your opinions as well, though I mostly disagree with them. I hope you can see your way to respecting my own opinions on this subject. Thanks again, Google.

Diana Quiroz

06/06/2008 11:15 pm

it's nice to hear that patrick. thanks.


06/06/2008 11:54 pm

I want to have sex with you Diana Q.


06/07/2008 12:30 am

You are all terrorists if you don't believe that everything revolves around America.. .. AMIDOINRITE?


06/07/2008 12:58 am

Google works internationally, like it or not. I am Andalusian as Velazquez, so I am more interested in the painter that a war that did not affect me.

PutMyUSFlag UpToday

06/07/2008 02:01 am

I put my US flag up outside this morning as my simple way to honor the men who gave their lives to drive the Nazis out of France and eventually to defeat. I did expect Google to have a helmet and/or rifle as part of the logo today. I am disappointed in them for not allowing more people to learn about D-Day on its anniversary.


06/07/2008 02:13 am

There have been more wars, you know? In Spain we had the Civil War, while the Second World War. No American, no French, no English, not even any Nazi came to help while we starve. What I care a war last when there are wars in the world every day?. Art is beautiful, war is dirty.

Diana Q

07/07/2008 02:06 pm

so today was the day when the building of the hoover dam began.... yet they have a tribute to the artist marc chagall on the google logo... AMERICA MUST FEEL SO BETRAYED BY GOOGLE, ONCE AGAIN.

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