DigitalPoint Forums Suffers Major Outage

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Digital Point Forums LogoDigitalPoint Forums, one of our main sources of search news and topics, is currently suffering a major outage. Since last night, the forum has been offline due to what appears to be database issues.

It appears to me, from the VBulleting software error message that the database server is having major issues. Either it was some how disconnected from the web servers or it went offline. Here is the current error message:

The database has encountered a problem.

DigitalPoint Forums launched in 2004, and quickly gained in membership for many reasons. One major reason was for all the popular and free tools Shawn, DigitalPoint's founder, created. The other was that he was the first to come up with the AdSense revenue sharing model on his forum.

In any event, it is currently down. Shawn seems to be away at the moment. So many of those who are dependent on DigitalPoint Forums will need to take a minor vacation until the site comes back online.

Update: DP was back online as of midnight last night. No official word on what caused the database issues.

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06/02/2008 12:47 pm

My guess is that it was hacked... tons of blackhat guys hate DP.

John Hunter

06/02/2008 02:19 pm

I am pretty sure they announced yesterday they were going to do database upgrades and anticipated like 3 or 4 hours of downtime. I think it has gone past that. Also it is somewhat lame not to have at least a website message explaining what is going on. Of course, I may be remembering incorrectly...


06/02/2008 02:32 pm

Arrgghhh! How are we going to do without our DP fix? God knows what web-mastering nonsense people are going to be coming up with left to their own devices!


06/02/2008 02:34 pm

There was a fire at DP's Hosting provider... Read the forum topic here:


06/02/2008 08:11 pm

It show the complete disrespect that the Digital Point mods / owners have for the members that they can't even be bothered to offer an explanation for the downtime. There's been a long thread about it and not one of them is prepared to communicate directly with the members...


06/03/2008 05:03 am

Its back.. working perfect for me at present


06/29/2008 06:45 am

I'm sorry but I don't see a point in DP anymore. I really don't because they have so many scammers (granted so do other places) but c'mon, if its obvious that someone got scammed, someone should step up (meaning one of the mods). They are always having server and database errors. Its nothing new.


07/18/2014 11:42 am

I no longer use DP forum because of there is no any point to use DP at all. Owner was involved in ebay scam, fraud and high risk of password thief/stole.

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