Can I Be Penalized if I Have Too Many Links on My Homepage?

Jun 2, 2008 • 7:11 am | comments (2) by twitter | Filed Under SEO - Search Engine Optimization

A Google Groups user is afraid that his PageRank was impacted because of too many links on his homepage.

Before you wonder whether there are search engine penalties, think about those links from a usability perspective. Are they helping your visitor or making it difficult for them? PageRank is not the issue here but more about how users are going to benefit. Even if your links are categorized, if there are too many links, it's still a pain to use.

As for this user's issue with PageRank, it doesn't hold weight. Inbound links are the metrics primarily used to weigh PageRank. As Google's Bergy says, don't worry about those green pixels!

Most PageRank changes are not the result of actions of the webmaster; rather, they're typically caused by changes to the quality and number of incoming links that the webmaster has little control over. This is why many folks in the group (myself included) have encouraged other webmasters not to worry about the little green pixels.

So at the end of the day, the issue here is that the links should be beneficial for the visitor. PageRank is not part of this equation.

Forum discussion continues at Google Groups.

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Rob Abdul

06/03/2008 08:17 am

How many is too many? How long is a sting? No more than 100. If your linking out - use the no-follow tag.

Federico Muñoa

06/03/2008 01:34 pm

I wonder if only putting a No Follow to the links will be resolving that issue, if it for navigation purposes the links will still be there. Not for bots but they will still be there for users so its still bad for navigational purposes.

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