Memorial Day Logos from Yahoo,, Dogpile But Still Not Google

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Historically, most search engines do not place a special logo up on their home page for Memorial Day. I am not sure why, I know it is just a U.S. holiday - but typically, the lack of a special logo, confuses many Americans.

This year, we had some search engines that historically have not placed a special logo for Memorial Day, place one. But Google, still, has yet to showcase a special logo for today. In any event, here is a run down of the special logos from Yahoo,, Dogpile, Cre8asite Forums and yours truly.

Yahoo: Yahoo Memorial Day Logo '08 Memorial Day 2008 Dogpile Memorial Day 2008

Cre8asite Forums: Cre8asite Forums Memorial Day 2008

Search Engine Roundtable: Search Engine Roundtable Memorial Day 2008 Theme

Here is a look past at the previous years coverage of Memorial Day:

Where is 2006? Well, I got married on Memorial Day weekend of that year.

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums.

Update: Where is Google's logo, the Stepforth blog has a comment from Google:

Thank you for your note. We understand your interest in seeing a Memorial Day Google logo. If we were to commemorate this holiday, we'd want to express reverence; however, as Google's special logos tend to be lighthearted in nature, this would be a particularly challenging design.

We wouldn't want to create a graphic that could be interpreted as disrespectful in any way.

We have a long list of holidays that we'd like to celebrate in the future. We have to balance this rotating calendar with the need to maintain the consistency of the Google homepage. We really appreciate your feedback regarding the Google logo, and please be assured that we're actively pursuing ways in which we can acknowledge Memorial Day and other such occasions in the future.

Regards, The Google Team

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05/26/2008 02:50 pm

I'd be curious to know whether viewing any of these Memorial Day logo sites from a non USA-based IP address would serve up the same logo?

Jaan Kanellis

05/26/2008 08:18 pm

Whats up Google? Dont like the military huh?

Johnny Bratt

05/26/2008 09:54 pm

When one of the frick--- founder of Google is a frick------foreigner what do you expect-he's more interested in chinese shit that the US flag


05/27/2008 12:49 am

Their excuse is bull. How about their marking of Remembrance Day? They're full of bull.

Marc Beharry

05/27/2008 06:12 pm

Its actually disgusting to think that Google gulps riches and freedoms provided by the scores of people who died to make this country free. As a society we give celebs awards every freaking day, meanwhile our best and brightest, many under 20 years old, are making the ultimate sacrifice. MY FAMILY AND I HAVE OUR SERVICEMEN IN OUR PRAYERS, AND GREATLY APPRECIATE THEIR SACRIFICE !!!

No Name

05/28/2008 06:09 am

yeah, boo to Google. They have time to do contests and mark the invention of the laser but the least they could do is fly the flag for those in the US.


09/06/2010 09:13 am

Yes, its really sad that Google would not remember this day. Have not seen these logos before, thanks for keeping them up here.


06/20/2011 01:40 am

What have you got for the 4th of July? Or are you afraid of annoying the British?

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