Do You Engage in 3-Way (Triangular) Link Exchanges?

May 1, 2008 • 9:18 am | comments (7) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

As the link building strategy becomes more and more difficult (at least by some), people are seeking out alternatives to the standard two-way linking practice. In a WebmasterWorld thread, a member is looking at a triangular link strategy which wouldn't be directly reciprocal but he's hoping that he'll still benefit.

Would you do it? If you're looking for reciprocal links, three-way linking isn't much better. Furthermore, if the goal is to outwit Google, Google knows (a lot).

Ask yourself why you're even engaging in 3-way linking. Is it to help you or is it to help your audience? Again, you need to consider what your users want first.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld.

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Michael Martinez

05/01/2008 04:38 pm

Anyone who feels they have to even consider such an arrangement probably doesn't have any content they believe is worth linking to. Nonetheless, a LOT of mediocre content will earn links naturally if people create visibility for it. Visibility is not measured in links. Three-way links are an admission of ignorance, since there are more natural, less manipulative things Web site operators can do to improve their search results. 1) Create more content and embed links in the body copy to help promote older portions of your sites 2) Use your presence and visibility on forums, blogs, and social media sites to cue people to use queries that are more favorable to your own sites 3) Create a blog on Wordpress or Blogger or any service that sends random visitors to blogs, and then write on a daily basis about what you offer on your main site 4) Create those cheap, sleazy social media profiles that allow you to link to your own site and then create a little index on your site that points to your cheap, sleazy social media profiles (which is natural reciprocation, but keep your link list down to a reasonable number) 5) Twitter about what your site offers every day (change the message, make it interesting) Creating visibility for a site without focusing on links is far more productive than trying to build fake link profiles.

Karen Manston

05/01/2008 08:47 pm

Three way linking is bad because of the intent factor. There is nothing wrong with relevant link exchange. Link exchange is alive and well! Just keep your linking RELEVANT.


05/01/2008 10:38 pm

I don't three way link. I can't seem to bother with all the emails I get asking for it. I figure if everyone else is doing it, I shouldn't be. I feel the quality of my content speaks for itself and there are other more long lasting things I can do to promote my website/blog.


05/02/2008 02:14 am

I do, but I never make eye contact in a three-way.


05/02/2008 02:18 pm

i like eric's comment the's honest enough.


06/01/2008 06:10 pm

I find triangular linking to be a reprehensible scam. The person requesting the link tries to get a link on a legitimate site, that gets traffic, and in return they offer my site a link on a worthless site whose only traffic is other people being offered triangular links.

No Name

07/15/2009 11:25 am

Google knows more than many people think. They will also know if someone practise 3 way-link-building.. I would't want to play with google

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