The Most Annoying Google AdSense Unit Is: The Large Rectangle

Apr 21, 2008 • 7:50 am | comments (4) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

About 6 weeks ago, I polled our readers on which Google AdSense unit they found to be the most annoying. The results are in and the winner of the most annoying AdSense unit is the large rectangle unit.


As you can see, the Large Rectangle, by far, beat out all the other units. What does the large rectangle look like? Here is a live large rectangle:

Here are the full results from the 108 responses:

Large Rectangle (336 x 280) - 29 - 27%
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) - 21 - 19%
Leaderboard (728 x 90) - 14 - 13%
Wide Skyscraper (160x600) - 14 - 13%
Skyscraper (120x600)v8 - 7%
Banner (468 x 60) - 7 - 6%
Square (250 x 250) - 5 - 5%
Small Square (200 x 200) - 5 - 5%
Small Rectangle (180x150) - 3 - 3%
Vertical Banner (120 x 240) - 2 - 2%

Forum discussion continued at Google Groups.

Note: This article was written the week prior and scheduled to go live on August 21st.

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Arun Pal Singh

04/21/2008 02:25 pm

That is ironical. I have found large rectangle to be most monetising. Google also says its rectangles are highest revenue generators. It could be sore to eyes but brings money. Strangr combination


04/21/2008 03:40 pm

From my experience with display ads, the 300x250 box usually generates the most click thrus and conversions.

Ian Mansfield

04/23/2008 08:06 am

Undeniably, the large cube (336x280) is quite annoying, but I would suggest people switch to the second most annoying size - the 300x250 as that pays very well, and is also the preferred size for ad agencies running CPM deals. If embedded within the content, the payout is quite high. I recently experimented with ditching the cube and the drop in earnings was catastrophic.


06/21/2011 11:12 am

I don't generally get annoyed by a specific ad, it's the way webmasters implement it, that makes a difference. I see a lot of blogs, where in the middle of an article, there is an ad block floated to the left. Especially when you use a tool to zoom in on content becaus of a visual impairment, like I do, it's quited irritating to move the viewport all the way to the left, only to notice that an ad starts there.

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