Google Local Business Center Allows Free Form Categories Now

Apr 15, 2008 • 7:30 am | comments (6) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

You can now enter any category that you feel is best for your company in the category section of your Google Local Business Center listing. In the past, you had to select a specific category that was in Google's database. Now, if the business category is not listed in the database, no worries - you can still enter it.

For example, "web software" is not an available Google Business Local category. But I added it below and clicked "next" with no problem.

Google Opens Business Categories

I discovered this new feature via a Google Maps Guide post at Google Groups, where Google Maps Guide Jen said:

Up until a few weeks ago it was true that we couldn't create new categories.

However, thanks to your many request, and to our Local Business Center team, you can now enter free form categories for your business in your Local Business Center account.

I believe the category you set in the Google Local Business Center is extremely important in ranking well for local specific results in Google Local and Google Web Search, when universal search kicks in.

Forum discussion at Google Groups.

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No Name

04/16/2008 06:07 am

Great information it can help a lot. It can help a lot in my business for Google Local Business Center listing


09/17/2008 02:32 pm

i have no idea for it for now, but at least it is frendlily to goodle :)


09/17/2008 02:35 pm

i have just added my site, dose anyone could tell me where it showed? or let me know in my email thanks in advance

No Name

08/26/2009 06:40 pm

I am really new to this, and wonder is we could list our company name as a catigory?


01/08/2010 09:02 am

I need some help, I was trying to list our company on Google Earth so when you type in the company name it pops up with address, GPS etc. But I am battling with getting the correct category. I have tried waste water management, environmental engineering, even just plain old 'Engineering' and it won't recognise my category and keeps telling me to: "Please correct the following error(s): • Select at least 1 category that matches suggestions as you type" Can someone help please.

No Name

12/01/2010 08:37 am

I'm new to this, can anybody tell us how to add this

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