Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: April 13, 2008

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itunes-subscribe-video.pngIn this week's video recap, I discuss the major business turmoil Yahoo is going through with Microsoft, Google, AOL and News Corp. I also go through Flickr adding video, Yahoo acquiring IndexTools, Google's new AdWords policy, the guy who trademarked SEO, how one can penalized their competitors in Google, and so much more. The video is under ten minutes long and you can win some great schwag by watching.

To win, watch the video and comment at this post below with the correct answer. Make sure to subscribe to our video feed or subscribe directly on iTunes to be notified of these updates and download the video in the background. Here is the YouTube version of the feed:

Please do subscribe via iTunes or on your favorite RSS reader. Don't forget to comment below with the right answer and good luck!

I may not be able to mail schwag outside of the United States.

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Sasha T.

04/13/2008 09:38 am

Is it just me or Yahoo is not going to be sold that cheap to MS? I believe that it is good to thing for Yahoo to stand on their own but I also think that they will need something new in their advertising (new tv ads maybe?) to bring in more people... Sasha T.

Dave Davis

04/13/2008 02:19 pm

Great show Barry. The video is a nice catchup on a hazy Sunday morning. One piece of feedback, the background music you play and sound effects is WAY too loud. Whatever you are saying behind them can't really be heard. I'd stick with just an opening and closing tune. Oh, and my vote for the schwag is Text Link Ads. :)

Barry Schwartz

04/13/2008 02:23 pm

Thanks Dave, I noticed that also and I will stick with intros and endings. Honestly, when I created it, I lowered the background music big time but when it generated the file, it didn't come out that way. I keep experimenting, hoping to make it better. Good luck Dave on your answer.

Mike Dammann

04/13/2008 02:49 pm

Accoona Matada

Sajal Kayan

04/13/2008 06:36 pm

great show. for the quiz id say its Google! i dont want others schwag :)


04/13/2008 07:03 pm

For the quiz, Titan SEO.


04/14/2008 02:26 pm

E Visibility, for the quiz


04/14/2008 06:37 pm

Every time I hear more stories about Microsoft and Yahoo! I have "Secret of My Success" flashbacks with Michael J Fox taking over the company that is being taken over..

Dan Perry

04/14/2008 06:37 pm

I'll guess Yahoo


04/14/2008 06:58 pm

oh yeah, contest - Text Link -Ads - they need the support :)

Shimon Sandler

04/14/2008 07:32 pm

Text Link Ads. And, I subscribed;-)


04/14/2008 09:32 pm

I pick Accoona because I like the name

David Brown

04/14/2008 11:33 pm

Like the show idea Barry! And I'll guess Google ;) db


04/14/2008 11:43 pm

My vote goes for eVisibility :)

Barry Schwartz

04/18/2008 02:28 pm

Okay, contest is over, winners to be announced today in the new video.

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