Where Do You Find Link Partners?

Apr 11, 2008 • 9:57 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

Some link builders spend a significant time just trying to build up some sort of rapport with other webmasters. Eventually, they may feel that the pool is drying out. With so many link requests nowadays, you can't blame but feel helpless since everyone seems to be getting numerous link swap requests daily.

Where else can you go to build those valuable links? Perhaps your scope is too narrow. There are millions of sites on the internet, so look at related sites, local sites, un-related industries that still have some sort of relationship to the topic, how-to sites, blogs, history sites, and more. There really should be no shortage.

And truthfully, if you're feeling limited, perhaps you're also looking for "high authority" sites. Look into sites that may not be as authoritative but still show some promise.

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Adam Donkus

04/11/2008 02:54 pm

True the high pr links are sweet, but a bunch of low pr relevant links are great as well.


04/12/2008 03:36 am

I agree with Adam. Services like LinkXL.com (shameless plug) are becoming more popular now since advertisers and seo's do want relevant low-level PR site links.


04/12/2008 12:47 pm

so, what is the best choice? get the link from high page rank or receive all exchange link from lower page rank?


04/13/2008 04:48 pm

Building valid / relevant / no spammy backlinks is very hard work. It seems to be getting harder and harder. A lot of people I have spoken to recently have said if you cant 't beat them, join them, in terms of buying links etc. Something I don't agree with but everybody else seems to be doing it. There are people out there offering 500 PR4+ backlinks with relevant anchor text for $100.00. How long would it take you to trawl / find and input them yourself. Are we heading for a google implosion ;-) Scott

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