Google Sometimes Not Grouping Results From Same Domain?

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Barry Welford at Cre8asite Forums spotted and screen captured an interesting Google slip up earlier. Typically, if Google displays a search result from the same domain name on a page, it will group that result (i.e. indent the result) under the first result. But Barry Welford spotted a case, which I cannot reproduce, of Google showing a second listing as a stand alone result in the Google search results.

Here is a screen capture from Barry W:

Google Not Grouping Results?

This is far from common Google practices. What it looks like to me, now at least, is the norm:

Google Grouping Results

Was it a temporary bug?

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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04/07/2008 01:58 pm

This is pretty common. Check out this search with 2 yelp results ungrouped: ...and this one with 2 of aol cityguides: I can find a ton of these examples. They're all over the place.

Ben Pfeiffer

04/07/2008 05:00 pm

I have seen this since 2003 and kinda see it come and ago over the years. It doesn't seem to bother Google that much. It does seem to be getting a bit more common lately.


04/07/2008 06:18 pm

I Agree. This is very common and has been happening for awhile. See the spinner and aol music listings on page 1 and 2 for a search on aol music? None of those were grouped at all.

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