Firefox 3 Beta 5 Sending Google Search Results Through Redirect?

Apr 3, 2008 • 7:18 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Google Topics

There is an interesting new bug with Firefox 3 Beta 5, that sends a surfer through a redirect page after clicking on the Google search result. Here is how to reproduce the issue:

(1) Be in Firefox 3 Beta 5 (2) Be signed in to Google (you must be signed in to your Google account) (3) Go to (4) Enter the search term: [yahoo] or any other search term (5) Click the first result (should be Yahoo! i.e.

Then what happens is your are taken to a redirect page at as opposed to going directly to Here is a screen capture of the redirect page:

Google Redirect Bug in Firefox 3 b5

We are not sure if it is just a Firefox bug or also a Google bug or both. There is a lot of discussion about this issue throughout the forum space.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums, Web Hosting Talk, Gamers With Jobs, and here is the Mozilla Bug Tracker.

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09/17/2008 09:47 am

After a superantispyware complete search of all files it didn't find anything but some tracking cookies But the tracking cookies were in the C:\windows\system32\config\systemprofile folder (I'm guessing this is the profile the system service uses) the cookies were back after superantispyware deleted them and rebooted iexplore had the cookies locked (after a clean reboot) using the most excellent software unlocker I was able to unlock and delete the cookies (I deleted all the files in all the folders I found except user.dat (I left the folders) my Google search is working again By the way there was a redirect cookie in the folder Back to normal and feeling lucky (Google pun) Danny


10/06/2008 02:20 pm

Using Firefox 3.0.3, browsing to: (the link for Microsoft IE 8 beta) is being redirected to: which in turn is redirecting to: This is NOT happening in IE 7 nor is this a DNS cache issue on the client or DNS server. Looking at this post: there is a reference to this address which is NOT a FQDN "wwwppe".

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