SMX Search Bowl Pictures & Videos

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Right now, underway is the SMX Search Bowl. Where you have Danny asking questions created by the Search Engine Land team to the various teams. The teams include, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and the SEM All Star team. Here are those images and videos:

SMX Search Bowl

SMX Search Bowl

SMX Search Bowl

SMX Search Bowl

SMX Search Bowl

SMX Search Bowl

SMX Search Bowl

SMX Search Bowl

SMX Search Bowl

Hope to post the list of questions later.

FYI - Google won by a landslide.

Update, the questions have been posted at Search Engine Land.

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No Name

02/27/2008 05:44 pm

Danny Sullivan was really drunk and it was embarassing. I felt inclined to leave, and eventually did. Geek.

Barry Schwartz

02/27/2008 05:50 pm

He was not drunk - he was acting relaxed and personable.

chris boggs

02/28/2008 12:52 am

ah the joy of anonymously bashing someone who has done more for this industry than anyone. What a loser.

Derrick Wheeler

02/29/2008 01:05 am

Danny was definitely having a good time. I've seen Danny drunk, this wasn't even close. Welcome to the Search Engine Marketing industry. Other than Matt Cutts (who sheated by the way) Danny was probably the least drunk of the group.

Derrick Wheeler

02/29/2008 01:07 am

sheated=cheated... whoops


02/29/2008 12:37 pm

On review I was more drunk - both at the time of the SMX Search bowl (it was fun)and at the time of writing the first post on the thread. Forgive me please. Respect.

Eric Lander

03/03/2008 03:02 pm

Danny was being Danny. From the opening night's networking event (baggy cargos, hoodie, etc.) to Search Bowl -- Danny's simply a fun loving, laid back cat. Besides, he couldn't be drunk -- no one could get him a *real* drink until the Bowl was well over with.

Danny Sullivan

03/03/2008 03:13 pm

Well, for the record, I wasn't drunk (or at least don't think I was). Everyone had beers on stage and me, I can't even drink the stuff. I tried a swig or two, but I don't think that was enough to get me going. I was apparently very loud! I apologize for that -- I had no idea. I was pretty excited to finally be doing the event, a bit tired from the first day and really just trying to get folks buzzing about it. I'll work on being a more fun but perhaps less loud game host.

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