Google Webmaster Tools Links Not Being Update & Yahoo Site Explorer Up and Down

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I have been hearing reports from friends in the industry that the external link reports at Google Webmaster Tools have not been updated for an unusually long time. I personally stop tracking those updates back in November 2007. We now have a Google Groups thread that shows complaints about the report not being updated and Google taking notice. Googler, Susan Moskwa said:

Thanks for the reports, folks; we're taking a look at it.

Supposedly, an update has not happened since the beginning of January.

So you would think people would jump to Yahoo's Site Explorer tool to get more up to date link reports. But we have been seeing recent reports of stability issues with the Yahoo link tool. Over the course of the end of last week, we have reports of the tool going up and down sporadically. A WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums thread have reports as early as February 21st. Sometimes the tool is completely offline, sometimes the link reports are not coming back when requested. Must be really annoying for some SEOs not to have either reporting tool.

Forum discussion WebmasterWorld and DigitalPoint Forums.

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02/25/2008 01:59 pm

Yes this is true. Google Webmaster tools has not updated my external links since at least january 14th. prior to that the links were not updated nearly as often as yahoo site explorer.


02/25/2008 04:20 pm

Barry, As i mentioned on my blog I have not seen an update since January 15th. It is frustrating.

No Name

02/25/2008 07:05 pm

Google doesn't seem to do anything they are supposed to at the moment, i gave up with webmaster tools last november after i went through weeks of thinking i was going mad. Luckily for me i don't bother with yahoo too much.


02/25/2008 09:03 pm

There is a new alternative now - with daily backlink updates starting by the end of this week :)

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