Trick Google into Placing Video Icon Image Near Your Search Listings?

Feb 22, 2008 • 6:44 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

I am very confused by a search result at Google Netherlands. Stay with me now, and search for internet publishing at What comes up in the second result for me is, which looks to be a video result. Here is a picture:

Fake Google Video Result?

See that result? It shows "5 sec" and shows a picture of an apparent movie. Clicking on the blue hyper link text takes you directly to the site, clicking on the movie thumbnail image takes you through a redirect, but ultimately to the home page of the site. The redirect is:

It appears Google thinks there is a video result on that site. It is using the Google Universal Search interface and seems to mistakenly think there is a video result.

So this site must be getting some great exposure by being at the number two spot but with a thumbnail image making it stand out.

Which leads me to ask. Is there a way to trick Google into doing this on any site?

To see true video results in Google search, search on star wars kids and you will notice if you click on the result, it takes you to YouTube.

How did this site manage to pull this off? Did they use video site maps? Did they bait and switch the page by pulling off videos? Did Google just misclassify the site some how?

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Patrick Altoft

02/22/2008 12:41 pm

That is brilliant.

SEO Bristol

02/22/2008 01:30 pm

This is beyond brilliant, This is Genius!

Matt Cutts

02/22/2008 06:58 pm

I asked someone to check it out.

Barry Schwartz

02/22/2008 07:01 pm

Okay, can you tell us what happened when you find out?

Matt Cutts

02/22/2008 07:06 pm

Depends on what I find out, but the initial sense that I'm getting from folks here is that this will be a short-term thing. :)


02/22/2008 10:44 pm

The same thing has happened to one of my clients' sites and despite the nifty thumbnail, they're not too happy about it. Would be nice to hear of a resolution


02/23/2008 03:17 am

I have seen this happening in a certain serp for at least 2 months. I first noticed the pic next to a competitors site and thought that it was the result of submitting a video sitemap or that they were just gaming it somehow. But now after checking the serp again I see a pic next to my result! No video sitemap has been submitted and I have not purposefully tried to create this in any way. Very interesting stuff! P.S. - Matt, tell the boys at Google not to fix this. I like this glitch. :)

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