Can A ODP ( Removal Hurt Your Search Engine Rankings?

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A WebmasterWorld thread has a Webmaster saying that a site of his recently was removed from the ODP. He said, soon after he noticed his rankings drop in Google. He wants to know if it can be related to the DMOZ listing removal or something else.

So can a ODP removal hurt your search engine rankings?

Most folks in the WebmasterWorld thread say probably not, but some aren't so convinced. WebmasterWorld moderator, pageonresults adds:

Google and others use the dmoz data. When your listing goes AWOL from dmoz, it will have an impact somewhere down the line. But, it shouldn't have that much of an impact to drag you down too far in the SERPs. Maybe one or two spots but nothing dramatic. I'm going to say there are exceptions to the rule too. If you had multiple dmoz listings and they were removed, that might have a negative impact.

Overall, I doubt it should have a major impact, like pageonresults said.

Some SEOs are a bit obsessed with getting in the DMOZ directory. But you should know the Pros and Cons of DMOZ and understand it can take a really long time to be listed in DMOZ. Also note that some of those cons no longer apply since Google, Yahoo and Microsoft all support the NOODP tag, a tag you can use to tell the search engine not to display your ODP title in the search results.

Let's poll our audience: Do you think the removal of a DMOZ listing could have a "major" impact on a site's rankings in Google?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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02/20/2008 01:57 pm

I think you have to believe that it would hurt you down the line. As the ODP gets syndicated across several of Googles web properties as well as other sites using this data. So in effect you not only lose the ODP back link, but eventually you would lose all of the Google back links and links from secondary sites as well.


02/21/2008 12:47 pm

I totally agree with Brent, I think you will loose many important Google Backlinks if you dont get listed in ODP.


02/22/2008 05:48 pm

Out of all my client sites, the ones listed in DMOZ get more traffic and contacts than the other sites that are not. I do attribute the excess traffic to having the site listed in DMOZ.

Bart Gibby

02/22/2008 06:06 pm

Doesn't this question seem very very broad. I mean a link gone missing will always have an effect. But what does matters is how competitive your key phrases are. If they are competitive then you may move down a few ranks. If not then you probably over did your SEO efforts getting into DMOZ in the 1st place.


10/07/2008 12:28 pm

This thread came to my attention because I was looking for reasons why the ODP dropped us after over 5 years of listings. Our Google PR had dropped 1 point and our position in the SERPS has dropped from average 6 to average 11 on a Google search for our primary keywords. When I found we were missing from DMOZ it became clear why the problems. So Yes - it looks like being dropped by the ODP hurts you.

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