Yahoo Search Marketing Adds "Sign in Seal" Option To Login Page


There has been more and more reports of advertisers getting their AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing accounts hijacked. One way of this happening is by submitting your username and password on a site that looks like it is run by Yahoo or Google but in reality, is not run by Google or Yahoo. In order to help prevent these phishing attempts from fooling you, Yahoo has decided to implement the option of using a "Sign in Seal" feature on their YSM portal login.

Here is a screen capture of what it looks like to set up such a seal:

Yahoo Sign in Seal

Now, all this really does it place a cookie on your computer. When Yahoo sees that you are asking the login page, Yahoo will display your custom sign in seal. How? Well, they look to make sure the cookie is on your computer and if it is and if you are on a Yahoo site, it will show the seal that you picked. If you delete your cookie or access the Yahoo login page from a different computer, you won't see the sign-in seal.

The feedback on this Yahoo announcement is mixed.

We have threads at DigitalPoint Forums, WebmasterWorld and Search Engine Watch. Frank Watson says since Yahoo is adding a cookie, "then you have a cookie that will track all activity of that computer if you wanted." But Yahoo already places tons of cookies on your browser that tracks you anyway ;-). Mel complained that it didn't work right for him:

Also, after setting up my sign-in seal on YSM yesterday, I had to reset my password FOUR TIMES before I could log in to my account. What a waste of time. Might have been a fluke, but I couldn't help but figure it was related to the sign-in seal.

Many advertisers are upset that this feature is only available in the US market. But others are pleased that Yahoo has added this new optional security feature.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums, WebmasterWorld and Search Engine Watch.

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02/11/2008 02:23 pm

It is worse than this on a related note. I have recently been in direct contact with the Yahoo! team here in the UK and over in the USA. You may recall that Yahoo purchased mybloglog a while ago? Well you now have to use a Yahoo ID to sign up and use the service. That's fair enough. But the issue at hand is some of the words they DON'T let you use in your username. As a matter of routine I have always used my site name as the signup username... it makes sense for brand awareness, easy to remember, etc. I tried to sign up to Yahoo using "securityextra" "" etc and it kept saying that the names had been used already... I thought this odd. So I started adding random numbers and letters such as "3290ghsecurityextra903429" and it said the same thing. It was at this point I got in touch with Yahoo!. They have since got back to me saying that I can't use the word "Security" in a username.... now if this was "admin" or "yahoosecurity" or something I could understand but I think this kind of limit is a bit tough. Anyway, I emailed them back over a week ago for comment and if they could manually create an account for me given the circumstances... I have yet to get a reply. At this point I can not / will not use any of the Yahoo services, their search, or mybloglog. So fingers crossed they partner with AOL and sink quickly :) David

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