Does Google Automatically Index New Blogspot and WordPress Blogs?

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If you have a brand new site on Blogspot or WordPress, does it automatically get indexed in search engines?

In my experience, the answer was actually yes! But some others believe that it doesn't always happen.

Tedster, for example, says the following:

Without any external links, Google is not likely to index any site, whether it's a blog or not. They're definitely not likely to keep in the index for very long even, if they do discover the url somehow.

(And that's true. My rankings dropped for awhile a few weeks after the site but then they returned.)

As another person says, it depends on if it pings the search engines:

I think that if your blog automatically pings update services, it will eventually be discovered by search engines.

And incrediBILL confirms what I said:

I hate to burst some naysayers bubbles but Google indexed and ranked one of my new blogspot sites in less than 2 hours.

Finally, a question is asked:

Is Google favouring Blogger/Blogspot because they own it? If so... is that fair on people who use other blogging services?

Rest easy, my friend. My site that got indexed immediately was a WordPress blog hosted on its own domain. ;)

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02/08/2008 05:23 pm

yes Google and other engines do index them even if you don't submit them or build any links. The reason being that there are lots of automated whois sites grab data on new domain names / existing names etc to check for new registrations and/or expiring domains. Anyway, often these are listed out on a page somewhere, Google can then follow this even if its not an active link, Google will still check out the url. Anywho, the short answer is yes for a number of reasons... any site, any domain unless you have a robots txt or other protection to stop it happening. Blogs are more inclined to be indexed and placed in the index faster since universal search came into practice... this happens when you see a time stamp next to the result.


02/08/2008 09:49 pm

Id confirm from my experience it happens within a week at most on both blogger and word press.


02/09/2008 04:09 pm

Yes, many of the search engines do index blogs. The googlebots are crawling everywhere, and so are the bots of the other search engines. If you ping using some of the pinging services, you should find your blog posts getting indexed quite fast, even within a few hours. In WP, there's a section where you can add sites for pinging each time you publish a new post! Cheers!

David Marx

02/09/2008 05:41 pm

From personal experience the googlebots like blogs

David Marx

02/10/2008 08:06 am

From personal experience the googlebots like blogs

Raman Shukla

02/12/2008 07:42 am

I don't know about wordpress but in case of blogspot it is true. When ever you create a new post in blogspot it gets crawled by google but don't shows in deep indexing. Check the query and you will see that new posting is there in the results. Post regularly other wise the blog won't get crawled

No Name

06/28/2008 03:25 am

I have a google blogspot blog for two months now, never showed up yet. So, I purchased a keyword rich URL from Google, and it STILL aint shown up. I have a RSS Feed feeding the Blog, still no luck


08/31/2008 03:43 pm

Yes, definitely. Google's reputation and business model depend on how well they represent the web (and more broadly the internet) in their search results. If people find out that there are a lot of good blogs that don't show up in Google they would go to other search engines or directories or other portals. Personally I think that search engines should be supplemented with other, human-moderated websites, such as seoundtable. My own website is a portal about computer information in a broad region (with other ad on, PHP research and development, joomla custom templates, and so forth).


09/08/2008 08:08 am

Does anybody know how often google index your blogspot? I've created on 31th of July and it was indexed, but today is 8 SEP and its last indexing date is 31.07.??

Abhishek Parakh

09/19/2008 07:59 am

i think you can ping your blog to google.

No Name

04/27/2009 12:48 am

I think i am gonna try one of those pinging sites. Does anyone know hwat is the best pinging site, i say htis because i dont seem to be showing up in google yet?.


08/19/2009 12:30 pm

Nice to know that we can have blogs in own domain and its be indexed as fast as my blogs in blogspot/blogger

JT Stone

10/17/2009 06:30 pm

I have definitely seen Google rank (and rank well) blogspot blogs.


04/21/2010 05:01 pm

I wonder how google maintain an index for a blog. I have a video blog, whenever I post google will index it, I can check it by using site:. However, after 1-2 days i use site: again, and found out that a lot of my new posts are not being shown in the search anymore.


07/12/2010 11:28 am

Yes in my experience any blog I create using does get index - usually within 5-7 days.


07/12/2010 11:29 am

Yes in my experience any blog I create using does get indexed - usually within 5-7 days.


08/16/2010 01:45 pm

Somehow my Blog isn't indexed yet...probably need to wait a bit more..

The Satellite Dish Guru

01/10/2011 05:25 am

My Dish TV blog is almost 1 month old and all posts get indexed within 2 hours of me posting them. The weird thing is my main blog page is indexed but is way down using my top keywords. I guess since it's new it will take some time to move up. Some of my blog posts already do bring in lots of traffic.

Yosef Katz

07/23/2011 03:07 pm

Recently I noticed Google seems to be indexing my new posts almost immediately. I don't know how they know I just posted. The last one was about an hour ago and the search terms were intact and I was in there around 10-15 minutes after I published it. Does anyone know how they know that quickly?

Barry Schwartz

07/24/2011 01:41 am

This is the norm for Google. They are quick. Sometimes even in less than a minute.

Yosef Katz

07/24/2011 01:50 am

@Barry - Thanks, but this does not answer my question. How did they know that I posted at that time? Is there a mechnism in Wordpress that lets them know? Is it because I have adsense codes on my pages and if so how does that process work, I searched for it a bit and do not see an explanation. Thanks anyone?!

Barry Schwartz

07/24/2011 01:52 am

Few reasons. (1) google's crawlers are trained to crawl sites that update often, often. (2) Wordpress has rss feeds and it makes it faster for google to pick up on new content. (3) I think they also ping google. I put these three reasons in likely order.

Yosef Katz

07/24/2011 02:11 am

@rustybrick:disqus- Now we're getting somewhere. I thought they might have an RSS feed to my site, is there any way to check for that? I looked in my logs and I don't see anything that pings Google, do you know what that mechanism might look like? Thanks, great start!

Barry Schwartz

07/24/2011 02:12 am

I don't use wordpress, so i am not sure.

Nosheen But

02/07/2013 04:15 am


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