Yahoo Search Marketing Offers New January 2008 Features


YahooPete has informed us all that there are new features in Yahoo Search Marketing. He lists them as follows:

  • Keyword Generator that allows you to add keywords to existing ad groups
  • Campaign Tune-Up Alerts (only available in the US at the moment)
  • Conversion Based Ad-Optimization
  • You can now exclude up to 250 keywords.

Additional information can be found on the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog.

Good stuff. Things are getting better, though there's a bit of concern that the negative keyword amount should be unlimited and that "shady" search partners should be excluded completely.

Forum discussion continues at WebmasterWorld, Search Engine Watch Forums, and DigitalPoint Forums.

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No Name

02/04/2008 06:24 pm

Not to be off topic, but does this consider the changes that may come about if the MSN Yahoo buyout occurs?


02/05/2008 02:08 pm

Probably not. Getting rid of 'shady' partner sites would be the first thing to do. I have complained about this for years...and still they don't seem to get it. I have pulled all of my Yahoo campaigns and I know many others who have done the same thing. When a company has bigger revenues every quarter....but the profits keep falling...maybe someone at Yahoo should sit up and take notice... Chances are M$ will buy them...but it will take years to integrate teams, make mass redundancies, etc....who knows what will happen next?

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