ShoeMoney Vs. SEOs & Danny Sullivan Podcast Available

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Jeremy, ShoeMoney, has posted the podcast of his "debate" on how "he dislikes 95% of SEOs" out there. Danny Sullivan stepped up to defend the SEO industry and community. Danny did an outstanding job, by providing the basics of SEO, a ton of history including SEMPO details and backed up his stuff by fact.

Yes, many seasoned SEOs found the "debate" boring. But we can't blame Danny for that. Shoe set up the debate but did was not able to get under Danny's skin to create a "heated" debate. Why wasn't Shoe able to do this? I have my theories...

  1. Shoe was supported early on by the SEO community. They accepted him in, he gave back to the community and no matter what he thinks, he is part of the SEO community.
  2. SEOs are people, people are both good and bad. Generalizations are bad and Shoe knows this.
  3. Danny is very diplomatic and easy tempered.
  4. Live discussion is often less heated and opinionated then a personal blog post

I can go on but I won't. Like I said, most SEOs and non-SEOs listening wanted the debate to get heated. It did not and in the long run, that is a good thing. We do not need to see more fighting within the SEO community, and yes, Shoe, you are very much part of the SEO community. Heck, I am part of the SEO community and I don't sell SEO services. But our input as bloggers, writing about SEO and yes you write about SEO, makes us part of the SEO community. We do not need to fight amongst ourselves.

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01/26/2008 06:47 am

Now that I can take a few minutes from my real job as an SEO expert, where we actually see clients not spam them in order to make a living, here is my 10 cents on ShoeMoney’s little blog post which has caused such a stir in the online community. Why I hate …. ALL affiliate marketers. 1) Affiliate marketers have this obscenest need to spam you and then think that there are highly involved and intelligent when they misspell words to get past the spam filters. Talk about slimy if I wanted cheap Viagra or some worthless stocks, I would Google a reliable source and order it. 2) Affiliate marketers would sell there own mothers if the commissions were rite. 3) Affiliate marketers bombard the internet with billions of doorway pages all pointing to some affiliates site that offers you nothing of real value …PLUS….PLUS PLUS ….PLUS PLUS PLUS ….. 4) Affiliate marketers make all the guarantees in the world but cant live up to one of them You know what Shoe you the man with your cute little superman logo, and yes you earn more than me without having to use a brain cell, by buying cheap domains and slapping a couple of ads on it…. I can sleep at night knowing that my clients traffic rates are up, their businesses are booming from my efforts, I spammed no one and didn’t give guarantees I couldn’t live up .

Nathan Ketsdever

01/28/2008 09:39 pm

It seems to me that it goes both ways... There are good and ethical SEOs & there are less ethical SEO's that engage in black hat tactics. Alternatively, there are ethical affiliate marketers and unethical affiliate marketers. Same goes for pretty much any profession.

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