Why You Should Tell Your Clients About Your SEO Tactics

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A Search Engine Land post discusses why it's useful to share SEO tactics with your clients. It's not about holding "intellectual property" to yourself. It's about empowering the client. And there's no harm in it. Here's why.

For one thing, even if you provide information to your clients, SEO is constantly evolving so it will still be your responsibility to keep up the pace. But still, there's a benefit of knowledge transfer. With the constant changes in the industry, "[a]ctive clients can provide additional eyes and ears to industry changes and trends, as well as practical insights into the effectiveness of advanced SEO tactics."

Additionally, the article argues that there should be a documented methodology:

The client should also learn the philosophies and processes behind keyword research, page selection, content development and optimization, link building, and social media marketing.

By acting on the Diagnostic Audit findings, the client can identify obstacles that are hindering their efforts to achieve top search rankings.

Finally, it is also of critical importance to understand the value of analytics. With the right training, your clients can understand the complexity of analytics applications.

The discussion evolves on Sphinn where many SEOs believe that the mutual relationship is important. As one person puts it, "Education is a bigger part of my job than the actual process itself."

It's important to acknowledge that there are some SEO firms that are just very open with their processes. So most people agree that there's no reason to hide anything from your clients.

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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01/17/2008 04:19 pm

I did a post on this a couple of weeks ago too, Tamar. It is so critical to give them a basic understanding of SEO. It will make your job easier, and make them more happy. http://www.gonzo-seo.com/how-to-lose-your-clients-not-educating-your-clients/

Josh Garner

01/17/2008 05:51 pm

RE: "As one person puts it, "Education is a bigger part of my job than the actual process itself."" Hey....I have a name. This is a subject I hold dear to my heart. Of the many things the future will hold for SEO, I think, larger SEO firms are going to find that keeping "secrets" from their clients will turn to bite them. Too many of us are too transparent. I hope that it will be a common practice.


01/18/2008 04:53 am

Not only that, But we can't forget the basic principal, It's thier money, They have the right to know where its going, telling them wrong, or hiding some facts for that particular moment of time might work, but thats not a long term strategy. Suppose the client hires another SEO/SEM company and gets to know the same thing that u've hidden, the first thing that would come to his mind , despite your good work, would be, duh!!, those guys cheat, they use some hidden tactics.. I prefer everything to be clear, Crystal Clear..Honesty is the best policy.. thats y perhaps.. and even no harm explaining them your real winning steps ;)

Rob Abdul

01/18/2008 12:15 pm

I have an open-book policy with all my Clients. SEO/SEM is at the centre of any web based project. I get the Client thinking about SEO starting from the point at which the domain name is chosen.

Justin Seibert

01/18/2008 05:25 pm

Being open, no question, is the right way to go with clients. The question is - is it the right thing to do with potential clients? Personally, I think it is when you have a sense that you're actually in consideration for getting hired rather than just getting pumped for info. I know we'll never close anywhere near every prospect so I don't get too upset when we end up educating a client better than the firm (or in house person) they end up choosing.

Goran Web

01/23/2008 09:29 pm

I fully agree with being open. Lay on the table what needs to be done and why. Then it is easy to put a plan together and share the responsibility. No company has an unlimited budget, if they understand what needs to be done they can possibly use their own resources to further the success of their web marketing strategy. The better they do the better we do.

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