How Can I Report Spam to Google?

Jan 16, 2008 • 9:29 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

If you see spam in Google search results, you can report it to Google using the Report a Spam Result link. Google claims that they take these allegations seriously and investigates them to see if the results are spammy.

A WebProWorld Forums member is wondering, though, if Google is taking heed to his spam report. According to him, there is one company that has multiple websites with duplicate content and they are dominating the front page of the SERPs. How can he report this?

Well, perhaps he cannot. In fact, forum members think that he should focus on "real" spam and not competitive spam, like copyright infringement and trademark issues. Apparently, Google just doesn't take action on all of these spam requests, because there are probably far too many of them.

Ditto on Google doing nothing. I made a number of reports of sites that posted giberish containing my best keywords. Google never acknowledged getting the reports and never took action. I wasted my time.

Forum discussion continues at WebProWorld.

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Matt Cutts

01/16/2008 06:09 pm

We do look at a lot of these spam reports manually, but it's also true that we use the spam reports to prioritize how to spend our engineering resources.


01/19/2008 10:16 pm

Also keep in mind that reports filed through your Webmaster Tools account are generally treated with more care than anonymous reports. There's more information about how the reports are handled in our blog post at as well as in the webmaster help groups at .

Ken Thomas

01/25/2008 01:41 am

Take them seriously? [expletives deleted]. Are you kidding? How hard would it be to just darn delete all the keyword spam sites such as from results? Or to have a "report search spam" as a link beside every result instead of the joke of webform? Simple searches such as "VAIO FS850 hotkeys drivers" are absolutely corrupted by this crap, while bats its eyes innocently... because Google has absolutely no incentive to PO advertizers by turning itself back into a legitimate search engine (instead of a glorified marketing ploy).


03/23/2008 01:38 am

Ken got a hole in one there. Google's ideals of doing "good" while making profit are out the window now they are big enough that it doesn't matter.


07/03/2008 06:07 pm

I filed a spam claim through my Webmaster account last week. This morning I checked to see if Google did anything about it. The site is removed from Google. So sometimes it does work. This site is not my immediate competitor though. I'm sure if it was Google would just think I was trying to knock my competitors out of the water.

No Name

11/12/2009 07:13 am

i have query related to keywords spam. my keywords lingerie rank well in Google but now not found in couple of week of week can u suggest how do i get out of this problem

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