Force "I'm Feeling Lucky" by URL Extension

Jan 11, 2008 • 9:37 am | comments (5) by twitter | Filed Under Google Search Engine Optimization

Did you know that adding &btnI=745 to the end of a URL in Google will force the "I'm Feeling Lucky" query to kick in and throw you to the #1 result on Google? Well, now you do. Here, take a look at the Google results.

First, let's look at the results for RustyBrick. Add the suffix to the domain and you get directed straight to the RustyBrick Website.

Cool, eh?

My favorite URL extension is obviously disabling personalized search. To do that, add &pws=0 to the end of your URL.

Beware, however: some of these URL extensions can be misleading. Some redirect, for example, to spam sites. Don't always trust every Google URL that you are given.

What are your favorite or not-so-known Google search extensions?

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01/11/2008 06:51 pm

Could you use this url extension like a tiny url?


01/11/2008 06:54 pm

Could you use this url extension like a tiny url?


06/12/2009 11:04 am

With Spanish words don't work I don't know why :(

Matt Penner

02/11/2011 08:12 pm

This is great, thanks! I'm a developer and I made use of it to take me right to the first hit when searching inside of Visual Studio:


06/01/2011 08:20 pm

Also... if you use it this way: then you can stick it in as a default search option - so you could set the default the keyword.url to this so when you type a non URL into the address bar, it'll give you the I'm feeling lucky result!

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