Jim Boykin Launches Internet Marketing Ninjas Video Training


Link building expert Jim Boykin announced on his blog that he's launched a series of training videos on all things Internet Marketing-related at Internet Marketing Ninjas. The training costs $2995/year and includes videos from Aaron Wall, Andy Beal, Bill Slawski, Christine Churchill, Cameron Olthuis, Jim Boykin, Jim Gilbert, Jeremy Schoemaker, Jill Whalen, Lee Odden, Neil Patel, and Todd Malicoat. It's a stellar team. :)

Bloggers agree. Those who were interviewed acknowledge the work that Jim has put into the program: he's flown around the country to collect these video interviews. Now that's time and dedication.

If you're in doubt of the price tag, Barry has vouched for it.

Forum members agree. Everyone is excited to see the direction that this takes, and I'm no exception.

Forum discussion continues at Sphinn.

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01/07/2008 06:25 am

Not only that, but he has made hi neat-o tool paid as well and available to those only who buy the training videos.. huh..did he realise the value of his tool after gaining tons of backlinks.. :( but yeah, alternatives rock!


02/12/2008 04:35 am

Hey, Thanks for your wonderful information about the videos. This is really going to help me to improve my business...

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