Traffic Power's CEO Accused of Huge Foreclosure Scam in Las Vegas

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Traffic Power is the name of an SEO company that most SEOs probably still remember. They sued Aaron Wall of SEO Book for writing about their SEO practices. You can see the details of that civil lawsuit over here.

Well, Traffic Power is back in the news. SEO Company CEO Arrested, Jailed: Accused of Foreclosure Scam from Search Engine Watch reports that Traffic Power's CEO, Matt Marlon, was accused of a major foreclosure scam in Las Vegas. The KVBC News reports Marlon was "accused of preying on those who were about to lose their homes."

At least sixty valley homeowners thought Marlon could help them. He offered to save them from foreclosure. "He would locate victims by doing a search of the public records on the Recorder's Office (website) for notice of default that are recorded then contact the victims saying he was interested in purchasing your home," Ellsworth explains.

"He'd come to the house with a notary in tow," Ellsworth continues. "He'd give them documents saying he'd take care of everything. Take care of the payment, take care of paying off the mortgage and I'll pay you some cash too. He'd have them sign a contract of sale."


The Aaron Wall vs. Traffic Power lawsuit was actually a beautiful thing. The SEO/SEM community go together and backed Aaron with their support including money, links, advice and guidance. Even more, Matt Cutts of Google went above and beyond and helped Aaron Wall by officially confirming Traffic Power was banned by Google, something Google never did until that date. So the whole process, although very problematic for Aaron, helped the SEO industry grow tremendously. Finally in April 2006, the Traffic Power vs. Aaron Wall case was dismissed.

Now Traffic Power's CEO is behind bars. The Secretary of State's Securities Division asks if you recognize Matt Marlon as the person who tried to buy your house or you thought bought your house, call them at 702-486-2440.

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01/03/2008 06:25 pm

Seems this guy just wants to cut all corners and leaves a lot of people in his wake poorer for the experience.

Search◊ Engines Web

01/03/2008 07:20 pm

However, Google did relent and place Traffic Power Back into the SERPs. Although some sided with Google - SearchEnginesWeb did not and tenaciously advocated for changes in their policy of banning sites - by posting on a the blog of the Google spam chief and stressing WHY SEO's were resorting to these tactics.... This eventually got unprecedented changes in Google.


01/04/2008 10:06 pm

I remember when Traffic Power was bombarding website owners with calls, just so happened to get one myself. They were very aggressive over the phone and knew what to say. Cold caller got pretty pissed off at me when I looked up the company name online and found complaint after complaint on them, tried to excuse them as fakes from other jealous SEO's. They had a pitch for everything, when I mentioned I did search marketing for a few clients, they then altered their approach went on about how they could provide SEO services for my clients and I'd get a cut. I politely told the caller I value my clients, which at that point the caller lost it started yelling and hung up. The conversation was going for a good 45minutes with the caller forming a rebuttal for everything I said, they had some good cold callers, I'll give them that!


07/02/2008 01:28 pm

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07/02/2008 01:29 pm

Hi I don’t have so much idea regarding this subject. Just I suggest you to take steps accordingly.

Mona Williams

01/07/2011 06:53 pm

I worked for this co. and everybody knew they were bad news, I hated it! Matt moved the company to the Phillipines, Im sure that even behind bars he is still trying to scam people out of $.

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