Google's Gmail Reaches 6GB on Christmas

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If you login to your Gmail account and scroll to the bottom of the page, you may notice that your Gmail capacity is now above 6GB. Mine looks like this:

Gmail Reaches 6GB

In fact, it is exactly 6.020702 GB at the time I am writing this. Just a couple months ago, Gmail reached over 4GB of Gmail storage and now we are at 6.

A nice little present for some Gmail users on this holiday day.

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David Saunders

12/25/2007 04:01 pm

That's nice - I keep deleting stuff and wonder why with this amount of storage. I use Google Apps too (way cool) and have more space than I'll ever need :)


12/25/2007 05:53 pm

Actually since a GB is 1024 MB we are at 5.88 GB, but you were close.

Barry Schwartz

12/25/2007 06:11 pm

That is the holiday spirit. :)

Chris Burgess

12/25/2007 06:45 pm

Still a 1GB cap on Picasa though... it still annoys me we can't use the available space as we please.


12/25/2007 07:31 pm

It's a GB, it doesn't say 6020k MB, it says GB.


12/25/2007 11:02 pm

I'm suure this is possible because persons like you just use 89 MB of their 6 GB


12/25/2007 11:03 pm

Sry Chris it is actually MB, not GB! :) But lets not technical specs get in the way of this Christmas present! Thanks Google! :p


12/26/2007 12:52 am

This is what mine currently says; You are currently using 204 MB (1%) of your 16273 MB.


12/26/2007 10:33 am

Yeah, google rulez


12/30/2007 04:18 am

Well, considering the fact that it reached 6,144mb of storage, and it is continually increasing, it's somewhat petty to balk about the slight difference. Whatever floats your boat, if it happens to be correcting other people, so be it.


12/30/2007 11:31 am

Still a 20MB limit on individual file sizes

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