Can Writing Google AdWords Ads Be Automated?

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Search Engine Watch Forums Moderator abbottsys started on a venture to make a tool to help AdWords advertisers automate the process of writing their AdWords ads. You can track the idea to the inception of the tool at the Search Engine Watch Forums thread.

As you might think, most people were skeptical, including the tool creator, abbottsys. But that didn't stop the idea.

The tool is now done and is named AdWords Analyzer. Instead of writing a whole ad, it offers keyword ideas for your text and gives you just the headline for your ad. Does it work well? Far from it.

Let's plug in my Custom Web Applications page from RustyBrick and see what it gives us:

It suggests: "Rustybrick Custom"

AdWords Analyzer

I would have been happier if the tool just picked my title tag, "Custom Web Applications" and then maybe add "Done Right" to the end. :)

Trust me, I know how hard it can be to automate the process. Google and Yahoo, I believe, both have tools to aid the advertiser in coming up with titles as well. The only way to do this, is to test by hand. Humans read titles, humans click on titles, humans should write the titles. Of course, using dynamic keyword insertion is the exception to all of this.

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12/21/2007 01:24 pm

Quite irrelevant results for my sites also... it seems to be seeing only words and not phrases or making variations of the phrase. For my site i think best title should be "Indians in Thailand" the tool gives me "In Indians" doesnt make sense... I think it would make more sense to use some sort of tagging service like yahoo keyword API to get some useful phrases.

David Wilson

12/21/2007 02:22 pm

The Adwriter tool at Microsoft Adcenter Labs does a much better job IMHO. Still no substitute for a human being, though, but might be a good starting point for a novice, and also gives you clues as to how relevant Microsoft thinks your page is. David

Barry Schwartz

12/21/2007 02:38 pm

Excellent point David!


12/21/2007 03:59 pm

Thanks for the write up. And mentioning, "As you might think, most people were skeptical, including the tool creator, abbottsys. But that didn't stop the idea." So true! But I regard this iteration as just a beta to get helpful feedback. I've by no means given up trying!!!! -abbottsys

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