Google 2007 Holiday Gift Arrives: 2GB USB Memory Card

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Google AdSense publishers and AdWords advertisers were eagerly awaiting a package in the mail from Google this year. And now they have started receiving their gifts. Typically, I am one of the last to get the gift, so I have to rely on images from the forums to show you what it is. This year, Google gave out fancy 2GB USB Memory cards. Here is a picture from V7N Forums:

2 GB USB Memory card: Google Holiday Gift

There are more pictures, including this one at Digital Inspiration, and this one over at ImageShack.

For some reason, I was expecting a lot more from Google. In 2005, they gave out memory sticks plus a lot more, including usb devices, mini mouse, flash flight, ear phones and much more. In 2006 they gave out sweet digital picture frames. This year, a 2GB USB Memory Card wrapped in a pretty envelop?

Well, I suspect Yahoo will be sending out holiday gifts as well. Last year they gave me Yahoo! sweatshirt and USB drink cooler, I wonder what they will hand out this year?

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Marios Alexandrou

12/05/2007 12:10 pm

They should be giving out better presents considering the grief they've caused by reducing eCPMs for many AdSense publishers (without an explanation I might add). Hmmm... maybe eCPMs will rise once Google is done with the gift giving :-)


12/05/2007 02:40 pm

I'm looking forward to my annual e-card from Yahoo! ;)


12/05/2007 08:46 pm

Who gets the gifts. I had AdSense account for the last 3 years and didn't get shit.

Chris Marshall

12/06/2007 02:04 am

I've been a Adsense publisher for years, and all I got for Christmas was this lousy misprinted <a href="">check</a>! ;)

Katinka Hesselink

12/06/2007 07:30 am

I never get a gift either - it's only publishers that make a LOT of money that get the gift from google.


12/06/2007 02:50 pm

Well, this is really great and all, but how come T-Mobile, who I pay $90 buxx a month, or Verizon, who I pay $120, don't send ANYTHING? They are just as rich and I have been a long time loyal customer! WHAT THE....


12/10/2007 07:24 pm

I just received our Christmas Card from Google, I was a bit puzzled by the packaging of the "gift" but in no time found my way to the 2GB Credit Card style memory card. PLUS, they have given me a chance to donate to a Charity of my choice with a code I need to enter. All in all, not a bad gift BUT very creative, I wished they had just sent me a card with CASH BACK for all the funds we've sent them. How fun would it be to get $100.00 or more in a Visa Credit Card or something. The 2GB gizmo is nice but anyone can get their hands on these pretty resonable nowadays. I will be grateful...Thank You Google!


12/12/2007 04:16 am

i also got my usb and it doesent seem to be working :-(


12/12/2007 02:50 pm

I got mine today and it seems to work but I gotta say I was a bit disappointed compared to the digital frame from last year. I was expecting something more...2008, lol. btw can you remove the plug part from the rest of the card? because it's not always convenient when you only got back panel usb ports on your pc.


12/12/2007 06:53 pm


12/14/2007 05:01 pm

r they giving gifts in all country and to all members??


12/19/2007 02:41 am

How do you use this memory card? where do you plug it in? thanks


12/20/2007 12:32 am

I think the gift is great! I don't get gifts from anyone else and the packaging on this is beautiful. It is so sad that people are so greedy. FYI next year, I'd like a tshirt or sweatshirt or maybe a fleece jacket.

Strong House

12/28/2007 01:12 am

Did everyone get the card ? I did, but I don't see many people mentioning it. I thought it was very cool, I did a search for physics + alabama and found a teacher wanting to buy rocket kits for her/his kids to blast off in general science class. My son did that in about 3rd grade , his teacher came to our house to video it and show in class, he later went on to become an advanced pilot. The DonersChoose teacher lacked $107 to get the total for the rockets, so I chipped in the extra and now it is a done deal.


07/17/2008 03:00 pm

1.What is the price of the card please? answer my question as soon as possible.. 2.How many Gegabites do u have available?


06/27/2011 02:12 pm

I fully agree with the publisher to send a small gift, Christmas is a great gesture. They may be those with major publishers who earn more than $ 100 a great gift, some simple gifts. r4i card

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