Need Help Getting Links from Education (.EDU) Sites?

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There is no doubt that link builders love to get links from sites on edu TLDs. But those are not always that easy to obtain. We have covered the topic several times here, including:

But if you want specific advice from an individual who has a lot of experience in creating quality content that attracts EDU links, I would join a Cre8asite Forums thread.

There, moderator EGOL explains:

Everybody wants links from .edu websites. They want those links because .edu websites have lots of high quality links and that gives them trust with the search engines. Another great thing about .edu websites is that they are almost always very picky about who they link to - giving those links only to the best and most reliable content. If .edu websites had pages where anybody can add a link for free or for a fee then they would lose a lot of trust with the search engines because those pages would be linking to a lot of unworthy sites.

If you want links from .edu websites make resources that are best-on-the-web in your theme and then email the webmasters of relevant pages on some .edu domains and let them know what you have created.

Forum discussion at Cre8asite Forums.

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Search◊ Engines Web

11/27/2007 01:40 pm

Now, college students are selling links in their personal homepages hosted by their schools. Some are creating links pages. Apparently nowadays, one has to be savy and resourceful in meeting these skyrocketing tuition costs

Jordan McClements

11/28/2007 12:34 pm

Are links just as good? (UK version of .edu)..

chris boggs

11/29/2007 03:32 pm

I do not feel that student pages are of much value anymore as Google figured thos eout pretty quick.


09/16/2011 09:25 am

Student sites may not have links to give.

Berry Mhlongo

08/02/2012 09:19 pm

if you can try getting one for me here is my domain

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