Move the Map Marker on Google Maps: A Screenshot Tour

Nov 21, 2007 • 9:50 am | comments (6) by twitter | Filed Under Other Google Topics

Using Google's My Maps feature, you can now move the marker exactly where you want people to visit. This is especially useful for me because whenever I check my address on the map, it's about 2 blocks away. Now, I can show people exactly where they need to go. :)

Google has announced this feature on the Google LatLong blog but didn't quite walk you through it. That's where I come in.

Here's how you do it:

First, plot the address on Google's My Maps feature and click on "Edit."

My Maps: Plot the Address (Step 1)

Now click on "Move marker":

My Maps: Move Marker (Step 2)

Here, you can drag the marker:

My Maps: Drag Placement Marker (Step 3)

Now you see the newly placed marker. Save this to My Maps:

My Maps: Save to My Maps (Step 4)

Choose the Map you want to save it to. You may have to create a new map if you haven't done so already, but that's easy since it's in the drop-down box:

My Maps: Select Map to Save To (Step 5)

Finally, save your map and give it a nice little description:

My Maps: Customize the Plot Marker (Step 6)

Now you can link to the revised map and see your new marker placed where you want it.

Pretty cool.

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11/28/2007 04:39 am

It looks like you're conflating two different features. The "Move marker" option is to inform Google of the correct location for the search result. If moderators approve the change, it will be there for all users to see whenever they search for that address. There's no need to do "Save to my maps" afterward, which is to save the location to your own personal map. There's nothing wrong with doing the one thing and then the other, but they are two different things.

Partha Sarathi Ghosh

12/02/2008 05:46 am

I want exactly the same.. as soon as the screen shot. But where is the code?

Master Pingu

03/27/2010 10:41 pm

Like Keith said, the "move marker" option is intended to be used in a different manner than you are suggesting here. It is for correcting a misplaced location on the actual live Google Maps, so that an address is more accurately mapped to a destination. If you live in a complex with a single address, it is irresponsible (and your request will likely be denied) to move the main Google Maps result to your particular apartment number. If, however, you are actually correcting a misplaced address, then kudos to you.


11/14/2010 09:54 pm

The above is great - thank you I cant get edit to show up it is shadowed out, how can i get my marker moved? thanks


03/05/2012 12:58 am

Your screen shots are out of date... the Move Marker no longer works like this... but I can't figure out how it does work. If you figure it out, please update this post! 


02/07/2013 04:27 am

I am looking for the Google map in my contact us form where user put his location and Google Map point its location on map and if user want to change its location just simply he/she just drag the pointer shown on Google map to new location . If have an idea of that please help.

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