Google AdSense Clickable Area Change 'Not So Bad'

Nov 21, 2007 • 7:29 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

We gave Early Feedback on Google AdSense Click Area Change where we showed some people calling out that they saw a huge drop in earnings and their click through rate. We also reported some people saying they saw no drop in anything.

My statistics seem to show the status quo for now, but it still may be too early to tell.

Gabs reported an increase in CTR by 0.5% for a forum that has over 1,000 impressions per day.

Reviewing the WebmasterWorld thread that we have been tracking shows most people have not seen a significant drop in CTR, while some have. But most are fairly happy and some are even happy to see their CTR increase.

I figure I do a simple poll for this as well. So, AdSense Publisher, please take a quick look at your AdSense stats over the past several days and let me know if you see a change in CTR:

Forum discussion at Search Engine Roundtable Forums and WebmasterWorld.

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11/21/2007 12:55 pm

statistics seem to show something strange for me too. Lets see how it's going on next few days

Peter McDonald

11/21/2007 03:04 pm

status queue surely you mean status quo. Anything that helps bring online advertising into line is a good thing over all. If advertisers see a higher return on investment then they are more likely to be willing to spend on online advertising.

Barry Schwartz

11/21/2007 03:06 pm

Peter, yes, sorry for the typo...


11/21/2007 03:35 pm

Hope peter keeps off my blog with all those typos ahhhhh :D


11/28/2007 05:12 pm

The funny thing is that they have not reduced the clickable area for their own text ads that they display in Gmail accounts . THE NERVE !!! !^@%^!@% aHolES

Jacques Mattheij

12/11/2007 07:16 pm

I always thought that having an area clickable where there is no text was a bug. CTR & payouts roughly level here (about 160K impressions per day on a mixed bag of sites). regards, Jacques.


06/09/2009 06:11 pm

I found a couple months ago that Google change their ad system to some other company. The worst thing is I am getting hits and clicks on my video site, but no money. So I went back to Adbrite. They pay better then Google. I checked my Google Ad sense account and I get 30 Clicks and 400 Hits a day. I make nothing To me Google is just waste of time.

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