Check if Wikipedia Links To Your Site

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A High Rankings Forums member wonders if there's a way to check how many links are on Wikipedia. A few people say yes, you can. Some possible methods of exploration include the or Google Webmaster Tools. But Barry, our savior, gives the most authoritative answer yet:

To see your links from Wikipedia (nofollowed or not followed) go to:

Here is an example search of our links in Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Link Search

Nice. If you didn't know that existed, now you do. :)

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Editors note: Tamar wrote this post, but I made changes to links and added some more information.

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Judd Pickett

11/16/2007 03:43 pm

Great tip. Now I can get rid of the spreadsheet I was using to track all my self promoted wiki entries ;)


11/16/2007 04:03 pm

Now I can remove all my competitors links hehehehe :D lol

Barry Schwartz

11/16/2007 04:05 pm

gabs, lol!

Jonathan Dingman

11/16/2007 04:27 pm

Barry, Gabs is actually on to something there. I've done this for a few of my sites by removing my competition because they either got there links there in a sneaky way (and do not comply with the Wikipedia policies) or some how are irrelevant to the article. It's a good way to help decrease the competition :)

Barry Schwartz

11/16/2007 04:36 pm

Jonathan, Oh, I know...

Main Uddin

06/24/2012 01:54 am

Thanks for the share the valuable article.As it is mentioned that my blog has 47 links in wikipedia but none of those has included by me.How they entered in wikipedia ?

Shazida Khatun

06/24/2012 01:56 am

Main Uddin @ It better to mention your site url with out http thus we can check it for trust worthy ness.

Main Uddin

06/24/2012 01:58 am

Any one can check it in Wikipedia as

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