Are SEOs Still Buying Links?

Nov 14, 2007 • 6:59 am | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Link Building Tips & SEO

After all the recent Google PageRank news and "penalties," the big question is, are SEOs still buying links?

A DigitalPoint Forums thread has a poll, that is asking that question. They break the poll down into four possible answers. Here are the current results with 42 responses:

  • No - I never bought links and never will (17) 40.48%
  • No - The Google Penalization Scare Me! (4) 9.52%
  • Yeah - It's Still Working Well For Me (19) 45.24%
  • Yeah - But I have reduced my spending just in case (2) 4.76%

Hard to tell from this poll, but it seems like those who have actually purchased links in the past, for the most part, are still buying links.

I thought I run a similar poll and just ask flat out, are you buying links right now?

Please take the poll, and feel free to add comments.

Forum discussion at DigitalPoint Forums.

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No Name

11/14/2007 01:20 pm

I do still purchase links and sell links too. I am more worried about getting ripped off by the seller than Google.


11/15/2007 03:39 am

Yes, i do. Afterall its my site and i have the right (as a business owner) to do what i think will be good for the site. Those who can write quality content and those with good contacts (maybe) dont have to. But for the average site owner, rather than paying xxxx to Adwords (or any other similar programs), it would do a lot good by just purchasing links from relevant sites. Maybe this might help in reducing the costs, but it sure does bring in good traffic from a relevant(target) audience.


11/15/2007 03:41 am

Oh, yes, i do sell links as well. Atleast it helps me to cover my hosting costs if not anything else :)


11/15/2007 07:19 am

I never think about buying links. I believe only one way free linking with other websites.


11/17/2007 08:18 pm

Do you have a choice not to buy links? SEO is quite competitive, we really need to get as many links as we possibly can in order to stay in front.....But content is important too

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