How Long Does it Take to Prepare a Google AdWords Campaign?

Nov 13, 2007 • 9:43 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdWords

Everyone has to start somewhere. A High Rankings Forums member is starting to control a Google AdWords campaign and wants to know how long it takes to set up and manage it.

Well, it varies depending on size of the campaign, but for a relatively small campaign, it will take a few hours to set up and a few hours to manage. Eventually, you'll have to test, retest, and continue ensuring that you get the best ROI. While some forum members think you can leave the campaign alone and then you'll reap the rewards, this is not advisable since you always need to be on top of anything that can improve your campaign or be aware of changes that may lessen its potency. A little word change or a different landing page can substantially improve (or decrease) your chances for a conversion.

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03/06/2008 08:50 pm

I've never prepare, keyword resaerch and setup a PPC campain. Even though I knowleage on how to do it, I've never put it into practice. But today i got a PPC account that my boss wants me to put online TODAY!! or ASAP. He is askign me when will i have it ready. My aswer: I hav e no idea. I found your post where it says it could take a couple of hours to set up and Adwords campain. But I'm assumignn you are reffering to the actual action to set the PPC capaign into Adwawrds, and not to the total process of planing the PPC campain (keyword resaerch, competitor resarch, ad creating, landing page etc. Do you know how the TOTAL TIME it take to create a PPC campain? (from zero to Adwards final test and set up).


03/06/2008 09:01 pm

Today Ii got my first PPC account. My boss wants me to put it online TODAY!! or ASAP PROBLEM: I've never prepare a PPC Campaign. But I have the basic knowledge on how to go about it (since I read a lot and took training) I know need more than just opened an Adwords account. I need keyword research, competitor research etc. first. My boss is asking me when will I have it ready. My answer: I have e no idea! (I have not answered him yet, though). I found your post which says that it will takes only hours to prepare a PPC campaign. So, I'm assuming you are referring to the actual action of setting up a PPC campaign into Ad words only, and not to the total process of planning the entire PPC campaign from scratch . Correct? Question: Do you know what the TOTAL TIME will be to create a PPC campaign? (from zero to Adwards final test and set up).


03/06/2008 09:06 pm

QUESTION: Is a budget of $650 anough to run a dicent campagin on Massage Chairs? I have this project my boss gave me. I have read about how to set up a Google Adwards campaign but never actually done it. What do you think? $650


05/04/2011 09:11 pm

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