First Screen Shots of Microsoft's Live Search Webmaster Portal

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I just got my invite to Microsoft's new Live Search Webmaster Portal. It is currently in a private beta, so I am not even sure if I can blog this, but I read all the privacy pages, and most are returning not found errors, so I am going to post these screen captures for you.

After you login, the first thing you need to do is set up a profile for a site you want to validate:

Picture 1

Once the profile is set up, Microsoft gives you an option to include a META tag in your header or an XML file in your root directory, so Microsoft can validate you are the owner of the site. I opted for the XML file and here are the directions below:

Picture 2

Once you are validated, the site goes into your webmaster tools section:

Picture 10

By clicking on the domain, up comes a summary about the site:

Picture 3

You get information like last crawl date, "domain rank," the number of indexed pages, if you are blocking the crawlers, and your top five pages by rank.

Clicking over the the "profile" section gives you the ability to revalidate your site, add an XML site map and update your email address:

Picture 4

There is also a "Keywords" link to show you how well you rank for particular keywords. You enter in a keyword phrase into the box and click search. Then it shows you the results of that keyword phrase:

Picture 5

There is a simple link tool that shows you your top 10, aka your most valuable, incoming links:

Picture 6

Then it shows you your top links outwards to external sites:

Picture 7

Plus, here is the page to input your Sitemap address:

Picture 8

They even give you a simple tool to validate your robots.txt file:

Picture 9

That pretty much covers it.

The most interesting piece is the way Microsoft illustrates the importance of your domain and pages by showing green rank bars.

We had a feeling this was coming soon, in fact, I hear others have access to it already, but no one posted any screen captures yet.

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Jonathan Dingman

11/07/2007 07:49 pm

Uggg you beat me by 10 minutes! I posted my review of it too.

Barry Schwartz

11/07/2007 07:51 pm

Ouch, sorry. ;-)

Daniel Ford

11/08/2007 09:04 am

If you are worried about the authentication tag then you should proabably remove this file again: As it's fully visible there...

Barry Schwartz

11/08/2007 11:59 am

Yea, I don't think this is something I need to worry about.

Jonathan Dingman

11/08/2007 11:14 pm

Barry, I'd love to meetup with you sometime sooner than later. I'm in the MediaWhiz office and I have regular correspondence with Justin, but I have yet to meet the famous Cartoon Barry :) I talked with Tamar a little bit on Monday too at Ad Tech (that place was packed out!) So hopefully we can get together sometime. I'd love to pick your brain and a learn a thing or two from you. Last night I made an hour long presentation about paid links to a web analytics meetup group (around 25 people) and they found it pretty useful. I want to continue learning more about the industry and hopefully we can work something out. If you get a chance to, I'd love to hear some feedback from you Barry. Thanks! Jonathan


11/09/2007 08:08 am

Uh, guys... you obscured the auth code in the screenshots, but left the authorization xml file in your root directory, where it can be found by anyone. Microsoft may want to consider using the auth code as the file name, to prevent people from just looking for


11/13/2007 09:18 am

Arrghh how to get an invite for this? I have just dropped a mail at : <> Is that all is required to get an invite? Is that?

No Name

11/14/2007 06:21 am

it's just like google's webmaster tools right... Thanks to Microsoft to start this...


11/15/2007 11:25 am

Just go to and sign in. However, it doesn't work for anyone in my office - can't add any URLs. Doesn't sound like we are alone either.

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