Google Offers AdWords Reps Tool That Assigns Dollars to Search Results

Nov 1, 2007 • 7:22 am | comments (3) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdWords

The Zorgloob blog shared screen captures of an internal Google tool that assigns dollar values to the organic search results at Google. The screen shot below is provided by Zorgloob:

Google AdWords Rep Tool

Notice the various values, including GG Score, Adv, Vertical, and PVs. As soon as I saw this, when Philipp Lenssen blogged about it, I dismissed this tool as an AdWords tool. Heck, why would Google organic assign these values to the organic results. I thought, this is a nice tool to find potential AdWords customers. How much is this potential customer worth (GG Score)? Do they already advertise in AdWords (ADV)? What vertical would we place them in (Vertical)? How many PageViews can we generate for this site's advertisement (PVs)?

Later, Matt Cutts, of Google, confirmed that this is not a Google organic tool:

Our organic search results have always been completely independent from our paid advertisements. We consider the objectivity of our search results to be paramount to our success and would never compromise that in any way.

The screenshot shows a tool that is not used by the search quality team in any way. It is a tool used by members of our AdWords sales team to help prioritize new customer acquisition. We are strongly committed to maintaining the integrity of our organic search results.

Very clear.

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Philipp Lenssen

11/01/2007 02:11 pm

> As soon as I saw this, when Philipp > Lenssen blogged about it, I dismissed > this tool as an AdWords tool. I was wondering why Google Inc found it necessary to point that out... nothing in my article for instance even vaguely suggested that this tool was used to influence organic rankings, in fact I pointed out that it's used by the AdWords department... hmmm.

Barry Schwartz

11/01/2007 02:36 pm

I believe the way the screen shot looked. Better to be safe than sorry. My first impression was, oh boy... people are going to have a field day with this in the forums....

Philipp Lenssen

11/01/2007 05:15 pm

That connection didn't even occur to me. Well, until I heard their statement. Though, if someone thinks Google is THAT evil, I don't know why one would trust their press department's statements :)

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