Will Facebook SocialAds Compete with Google AdSense?

Oct 31, 2007 • 9:15 am | comments (3) by twitter | Filed Under Google AdSense

Want some cash? Got a Facebook application developed? Numerous reports to Facebook developers suggest that Facebook is looking for some cash, and they're willing to share. An application developer has received the following email:

Dear Facebook Application Developer,

Would you like to drive more users to your app? We've expanded our pay-per-action (PPA) beta test and would like to invite you to participate by creating ads for your Facebook application. [snip]

A WebmasterWorld member has pointed out that Facebook is intending to launch SocialAds next week so that advertisers can target Facebook users anywhere. Will SocialAds end up competing with Google AdSense if these ads can be viewed everywhere?

That's certainly a thought. Danny Sullivan suggests that Google is launching a competitive campaign of its own: OpenSocial.

Who do you think will win this battle? Facebook clearly has the lead in the social sphere. AdSense clearly has the lead in the advertising sphere. Will the tides change with the times?

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Xavier Vespa

10/31/2007 05:42 pm

Well Microsoft Adcenter promises more ad dollars thanks to its compatibility to social networks socialads systems like Facebook's). The only fight back for Google would be to do the same (Which I understand that's what Maka-Maka is all about), or launch a campaign on the privacy issue behind the use of personal datas to tailor targeted ads (what they call non-personally identifiable data like your IP or your profile info). I say, people prefer to go with Google,unless Microsoft promises more dollars.


09/28/2008 02:32 pm

SocialAds may prove to be a strong competition, but i think Google will still come out the winner, with Facebook it's hard to generate targeted ads as the users are mostly generic with a simple intention of using the website to be "social" and have fun, it's a lot better to use Google to create targeted ads, an important factor to consider in any advertising strategy

Chris Bourton

10/15/2008 01:29 pm

Facebook or any other Ad network still isn't able to compete with google's ads. Heres the guide for developers out there to get Google Quality ads inside their Apps. http://www.infinitepixelstudios.com/dev-tips/Google-Adsense-in-Facebook-Apps.html I've got what essentially is a walk through guide, hope those reading find it useful. Difference is this guide shows you how to get relevant ads.

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