Would the Quality of DMOZ Improve if Nofollow Were Added?

Oct 4, 2007 • 9:37 am | comments (4) by twitter | Filed Under Open Directory Project (DMOZ)

A WebmasterWorld thread poses an interesting question: there are a lot of useless submissions overwhelming the editors at DMOZ. Would adding nofollow stop these superfluous submissions and make the editors' lives easier?

For the most part, people think that it won't. Nofollow doesn't even stop spammers. (My other blog even gets comments submitted by spammers who explicitly add nofollow to the URL even though the blog software nofollows comments by default.)

But even so, why would DMOZ, which purports to be a quality directory, ever want to go the "we don't trust you" route of nofollow?

nofollow is for links the site owner does not trust.

At the moment a site link is added to DMOZ, the site clearly is trusted -- otherwise it would not be added. No obvious case there, either.

The bottom line is said by moderator pageoneresults: "Human Edited content should not require use of the nofollow attribute."

This statement, however, is disagreed upon by some users. What if a site that was included in DMOZ deteriorates in quality over time? Human edited content works for one time only unless there is a constant review of sites. Old links may lose trust.

Therefore, a few possible solutions are proposed: a system of checks and balances with multiple editors within a specific category and the ability for the average user to flag inappropriate results (for review by editors).

The WebmasterWorld discussion goes into a lot more depth about how DMOZ should continue now that it's seeking community feedback, so check out the thread and join the discussion.

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Claude Gelinas

10/04/2007 04:01 pm

Human appreciation is the cornerstone of DMOZ's popularity. Automated checks on web sites may further dilute the relevancy (and diversity) of this much discussed web directory.


10/04/2007 05:13 pm

"a system of checks and balances with multiple editors within a specific category" - Isn't that pretty much what they already have? "and the ability for the average user to flag inappropriate results" - You mean like the "update listing " or "report abuse/spam" links which appear throughout the directory?


10/04/2007 05:37 pm

Would anyone even use DMOZ anymore if they did?


08/25/2009 12:25 pm

The page rank from DMOZ entries does not come from the actual DMOZ site but from the thousands of low grade directories which copy the listings to populate their own directories. If these direcories copied the no-follow then there would be no point at all.

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